Iphone Tips: Ios Eight Features Integrates Amongst Your Mac! As Well As More.

- December 31, 2017
WWDC 2014 San Francisco. photograph via engadget.com
What: iOS 8 is announced at this minute at the WWDC 2014 San Francisco. Also Mac OS X Yosemite is announced equally followup for OS X Maverics. iOS 8 too Yosemite volition integrate to a greater extent than together. The iOS Mac OSX flow...
What are the novel features inwards iOS8 too how volition it integrate? What volition a Apple user discover when they install them on their Mac too iOS devices. Here is inwards brusk the summary of these novel features:
  • Family Share y'all tin portion your iBooks amongst your family. 
  • iPhoto has enhanced editing tools similar auto-staighten en color-correct.
  • Siri has Shazam built-in.
  • Healthkit is a novel framework for developers of wellness apps that tin communicate / integrate amongst each other. Till now, all wellness apps were silo apps.
  • Widgets! iOS 8 allows third parties to add together widgets to other apps. for illustration add together a filter widget to the iPhoto app.
  • AirDrop instantly industrial plant betwixt Mac too iOS, wauw (-:
  •  Spotlight, search contact information too all documents, appointments y'all bring from the contact. Ow, Spotlight is it is a big see search bar
  • Calendar too Notification Center bring a refreshed await too views.
  • iCloud drive, search amongst Finder app anything y'all bring e'er saved. It machine synced similar DropBox across all your devices.
  • Mail Drop, a novel characteristic too it permit y'all transportation huge sized emails amongst upwards to v Gbytes attachements. How it works? the attachment is stored inwards iCloud too a link to it is added to the e-mail message.
  • Safari browser, is standards-compliant, does non demand whatever plugin to demonstrate videos. Safari has a novel one-click social media sharing button. And it is the fastest Java script processor.
  • If the Mac has no WiFi connection, it volition feel too suggests your iPhone's tethering capability inwards a popup listing on your Mac. Super slow tethering.
  • You tin brand or have calls amongst y'all Mac or iPhone. H5N1 notification volition popup bespeak whether y'all similar to response the call.
  • Phone divulge highlighting on a webpage, y'all tin click too telephone telephone from your Mac.
  • New soft keyboard on iOS 8.
  • Quick Type, it suggests how y'all speak. And it industrial plant inwards iMessage,  email, whatever. Wow, iOS volition instruct me how to speak!
  • Tap to Talk characteristic inwards iMessage, transportation straight vocalism messages.
  • Group messaging inwards iMessage is improved, chatroom or thread moderation?! kicking participants???
  • iPhoto instantly syncs all your photo's to whatever of your devices. All stored inwards iCloud. Prices for storage space? The commencement 5GB of iCloud storage for those shots is free, 20GB for a buck a calendar month too 200GB is available for $4.
  • TouchID, equally a effect of this feature, over 85% of users instantly bring a passcode implementation.
  • HomeKit domicile automation? Apple's been working amongst "the leaders" inwards domicile automation, to come upwards up amongst a wireless protocol that lets y'all twain securely, command private devices, grouping devices too command your domicile via Siri. Control your lights, doors, windows, fridge. 
When volition it endure available for the enduser? Later this year.
Watch the whole WWDC 2014 keynote here

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