4 Ways To Transfer Phonation Memos From Iphone To Reckoner (Mac & Win)

- January 02, 2018
Sometimes if you lot desire to chop-chop tape your ideas or plans without typing into iPhone give-and-take for word, the Voice Memos App volition produce you lot a keen favor. It’s belike i of the pop applications that instrumentalist or journalist fond of, because i tin exactly tape sounds yesteryear pressing the cherry push of the App. Yet accidents happen, amongst the complicated construction of iOS system, how tin nosotros transfer vocalism memos from iPhone to estimator for backup or furthermore? Don’t worry, this post volition furnish you lot several tricks to teach vocalism memos off iPhone (iOS 11, novel iPhone X/8 plus/8 too older model 7/6/5/4 included).

Part 1: Transfer Voice Memos via Share button.

Using Share push belike is i of the easiest ways to transfer vocalism memos to computer. You tin exactly portion your vocalism memos to estimator via AirDrop if you’re using Mac. For window users, this fox may decease a footling complicate. AirDrop isn’t compatible amongst Windows system, thus alternatively you lot tin portion your vocalism memos to email, or upload them to Dropbox or something similar that, too subsequently download them onto computer.

Part 2: Transfer Voice Memos amongst Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

Apart from recovering deleted or lost data, Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery tin likewise scan too movement existing vocalism memos from iPhone to computer. You tin purpose it every bit an selection of backup except for iTunes too iCloud. Follow these steps to transfer vocalism memos from iPhone to computer.
  • Step 1: Install too run Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software.
  • Step 2: Choose “Voice Memos” too follow onscreen steps to scan iPhone.
  • Step 3: Preview the scanning result of vocalism memos too click “Recover” to export them to computer.
Video guide: How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to PC

Part 3: Sync Your Voice Memos amongst iTunes

Apart from backup, iTunes tin hold upwards used every bit a way of file transfering. You exactly postulate to install iTunes on your estimator too connect your iPhone for device recognizing. Afterwards you lot tin follow these steps to sync vocalism memos amongst iTunes. 
  • Step 1: Plug inwards iPhone too click on the iPhone icon transcend left on iTunes.
  • Step 2: Select “Music” on the sidebar too click on “Sync Music”, tick on “Include vocalism memos”.
  • Step 3: Click on “Apply” inwards the bottom too and then your vocalism memos volition hold upwards synced to computer.

Part 4: Extract Voice Memos from iCloud or iTunes Backup

Although you lot can’t stance vocalism memos at iCloud.com directly, you lot tin nevertheless dorsum upwards your vocalism memos amongst iCloud, too and then purpose Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to extract vocalism memos from the backup. And this fox likewise plant amongst iTunes backup.
  • Step 1: Backup your Voice memos amongst iTunes or iCloud, too Run iPhone Recovery.
  • Step 2: Click Next too direct “View iCloud backup” or “View iTunes backup”.
  • Step 3: Sign inwards iCloud amongst your Apple ID to select a backup to download too scan. (If you lot direct iTunes backup, it volition straight kickoff scanning.)
  • Step 4: Preview the scanning result of backup too and then you lot tin extract vocalism memos to computer.


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