5 Complimentary Tricks To Convert Iphone Heic Photos To Jpg

- January 02, 2018

For those who lead maintain updated their iPhone to iOS 11, I jurist it's confusing that they can’t sentiment iPhone photos on figurer or other devices. That’s because Apple changed photograph format to HEIC inward iOS 11. HEIC is a novel icon format developed past times MPEG, exactly about other extension of HEIF (High Efficiency Image File). Although it’s said to destination the reign of JPG format, HEIF in addition to HEIC files however can’t come about virtually devices including Windows PC in addition to Android devices past times now. And hence far it simply industrial plant on the Apple devices which run the latest OS High Sierra or iOS 11. So to opened upward HEIC photos from iPhone on other platforms, yous withdraw to alter the photograph format. Thus follow this article in addition to choice 1 out of v methods to convert iPhone HEIC to JPG.

Part One: Save Photos equally JPG instead of HEIC inward iPhone

Apple has built a characteristic within iPhone to attain the photograph format problem, for HEIC can’t travel come about virtually non-Apple devices past times now. For those who don’t desire their photos to travel saved inward HEIC formats on iPhone, they tin plough over the sack alter the default setting.
  1. Go to Settings > Camera > Formats
  2. Tick “Most Compatible” instead of “High Efficiency”
After next the steps above, every novel photograph taken past times iPhone from in addition to hence on volition travel saved inward the virtually pop JPG formats.

Part Two: “Transfer to Mac or PC” Features of iPhone Photos

If yous prefer to cash inward one's chips along HEIC photos on iPhone, yet also desire to opened upward them on figurer or other devices, yous tin plough over the sack follow this method. Right directly non many device other than Apple products tin plough over the sack industrial plant alongside HEIC files. So yous withdraw to alter the formats of photos showtime earlier yous sentiment them on computer. Luckily, iPhone also lead maintain a built-in characteristic for this.
  1. Go to Settings > Photos in addition to scroll downwards to Transfer to Mac or PC.
  2. Tick “Automatic” non “Keep Original” to alter photograph format spell showing on Mac.
Now alongside the latest OS High Sierra, Mac tin plough over the sack back upward HEIF files. But for the older MAC OS in addition to other computer, HEIC in addition to HEIF files however withdraw to travel converted to other pop formats.

Part Three: Online iPhone HEIC Photo Converter

Browse “heic to jpg” inward the Google or other search engines, in addition to yous volition detect a bunch of online heic/heif converter. Here I volition listing exactly about of them for you.
  1. HEIC Photos to JPG past times JPEGmini. This gratis site tin plough over the sack convert upward to l photos.
  2. Converter HEIF online by Aconvert. This gratis site tin plough over the sack convert HEIC/HEIF files to non solely JPG, but also other icon formats similar PNG, PDF, BMP, WEBP in addition to hence on.
  3. Free HEIC online converter by Apowersoft
  4. Feel Tool Online - Convert HEIC to JPG. This site tin plough over the sack travel uploaded upward to xx photos.
  5. Gihosoft Free HEIC converter. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 novel in addition to efficient HEIC/HEIF file converter.

Part Four: Share Photos via Mail or Other Cloud Storage Apps

Sharing photos to Mail or exactly about cloud storage service also tin plough over the sack convert heic files to jpg automatically. You exactly withdraw to select photos in addition to part them to Mail from Photos App, in addition to and hence lead which size yous desire to ship when there’s a prompt (original size for the best quality). Afterwards yous volition have photos equally JPG format inward your post service box.
Alternatively, yous tin plough over the sack upload them to a cloud storage app. Some of these apps are able to convert heic photos, such equally Google Drive in addition to OneDrive, spell DropBox allows yous to sentiment HEIF in addition to HEVC files online. 

Part Five: Third-party HEIC TO JPG Converter Software

Besides all those methods mentioned above, there’re also exactly about third-party utilities for HEIC photos converting to JPG. The virtually famous 1 is iMazing HEIC Converter. It’s a gratis tool that yous tin plough over the sack purpose on Mac or PC, but it’s solely able to convert HEIC to JPG in addition to PNG.


If yous lead maintain problem recovering HEIC or JPG photos deleted on iPhone or iPad accidentally, yous tin plough over the sack purpose Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve precious photos from iPhone or iPhone backup in iTunes/iCloud.

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