√ Apple Tree Is Planning A Novel Battery Vest For The Xs Series. It Should Move On Sale Soon.

- January 15, 2018
Apple is planning a novel battery vest for the XS serial √ Apple is planning a novel battery vest for the XS series. It should live on on sale soon.

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Sina Digital News Dec nineteen forenoon news, unusual digital spider web log Appleosophy obtained a production sales involve for Apple dealers, which disclosed the rumored photos of the iPhone XS in addition to iPhone XS Max smart battery sets.

This document is from the iPhone seven to iPhone XS Max στοιχείο illustration render catalog, although the resolution of the photograph is non high, but the 2 στοιχείο shells manifestly convey a battery pack bump in addition to a jack, vertical photographic tv set camera It too agency that this is for the iPhone X in addition to after products.

Apple is planning a novel battery vest for the XS serial √ Apple is planning a novel battery vest for the XS series. It should live on on sale soon.

Previously, Apple ane time made a like product, the official called "smart battery case", the user is unremarkably known every bit the battery vest, it tin add together a battery to the iPhone 6/6s to growth battery life, but the previous is silicone cloth It has straight off drib dead "leather." However, from the motion-picture exhibit betoken of view, this may live on a mislabeling, because inwards the photo, they appear to live on silicone, nosotros too tin hardly imagine using leather to brand such products, how to solve the work of rut distortion.

The appointment of the involve is "Autumn 2018", which agency that Apple had planned to loose it inwards the yesteryear few months, but did non know if it was a jump ticket.

Another unusual media 9to5Mac, which focuses on Apple products, confirms the authenticity of this document. They said that they convey previously establish code related to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max in addition to iPhone XR smart battery illustration inwards iOS in addition to watchOS code. These codes exhibit that the novel protective encompass mentum volition live on narrowed in addition to no longer extend to the bottom of the iPhone. In addition, the novel iPhone smart charging illustration has iii models, namely A2070, A2071 in addition to A2171, corresponding to iii dissimilar sizes of iPhone.

I don't know why these products convey non been released yet. The cost of the battery illustration designed for the iPhone 6/6s was non low, in addition to the raised battery pattern was spit yesteryear many users.


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