√ Divulge Dream Phone. Non From Samsung As Well As Huawei

- January 15, 2018
people used to aspect for simply about other shouts of phones from leading companies such equally "Samsung" as well as "Apple" as well as "Huawei", but a Chinese companionship made a surprise when, recently, subsequently it unveiled a specification "revolutionary."

people used to aspect for simply about other shouts of phones from leading companies such equally  √ Reveal Dream Phone. Not from Samsung as well as Huawei

According to BGR, China's VIVO announced on Th the blueprint of the "dream phone" equally it called it, without specifying a appointment to locomote seat on the marketplace or indicating the toll at which it volition locomote available.

The VIVIO Apex 2019 does non cause got a button, no port or hole inwards the screen, as well as it plant amongst the Snape Dragon 855 processor, also equally compatibility amongst a 5th generation 5G network, as well as random access retention of upwards to 12 GB.

In the meantime, the Chinese telephone volition offering a storage capacity of 256 as well as 512 GB, as well as these options are an of import possibility for those who complain express capacity of simply about devices available at the moment.

The telephone has a sleek design, no bumps , as well as the edges volition locomote real limited, but the interesting affair well-nigh this telephone is that it does non cause got a forepart photographic telly camera to cause got pictures of the silvi.

The companionship seat the footprint sensor nether the telephone screen, then users tin touching on anywhere from the interface until they unlock the device, as well as this characteristic is non even then available on whatever Samsung phones.

Since this device does non cause got a photographic telly camera to pick upwards the silvi, the unlocking characteristic past times human face upwards recognition, was non possible, such equally the devices "Apple" as well as "Samsung".

 The phone, which is designed amongst curved glass, has the business office of turning the covert into a speaker, piece the dorsum of the device has a house to deportment the magnetic accuse of the device.


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