√ Facebook's 15Th Anniversary Zuckerberg's Article Summarizes The Years Pointing Out The Challenge

- January 14, 2018
The 15th anniversary of the nascence of social networking Facebook. 15 years ago, Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook, together with inwards the yesteryear 15 years, Facebook has changed from a little website inwards Harvard University's dorm to an Internet giant amongst 2.7 billion users worldwide. 

th anniversary of the nascence of social networking Facebook √ Facebook's 15th Anniversary Zuckerberg's article summarizes the years pointing out the challenge

These 15 years are non smooth.

Zuckerberg became a controversial figure, specially inwards the yesteryear few years. Zuckerberg together with his technology scientific discipline manufacture are caught inwards 1 after some other violation of personal privacy scandals (such every bit "Cambridge analysis scandals"), hacking, information safety risks together with thence on.

Zuckerberg together with Facebook’s administration were attacked yesteryear populace sentiment because of the hidden political interventions on the Facebook platform. For example, people bill the Facebook platform of beingness used yesteryear Russian institutions, interfering amongst U.S. elections, together with fifty-fifty becoming a promoter of ethnic cleansing activities inwards other countries.

In an article published on Mon to commemorate the company's 15th anniversary, Zuckerberg wrote: "These are of import issues, together with nosotros choose a responsibleness to hold upwards to a greater extent than proactive inwards managing our social networks to forestall impairment to users."

Zuckerberg also pointed out that Facebook forthwith spends to a greater extent than on information safety each twelvemonth than the company's total revenue inwards 2012 - $5.1 billion.

In this letter, Zuckerberg also revealed an optimistic atmosphere. He said that although some users are non satisfied amongst the changes brought yesteryear social networks such every bit Facebook to the whole society, inwards general, social networks choose a positive impact.

Zuckerberg wrote inwards the letter: "Before the nascence of the Internet, if you lot together with the neighbors of the community choose dissimilar opinions or interests, it is hard to abide by a community that has your hobbies at the same time, if you lot know a neighbor. Moved away, you lot choose lost contact. If you lot wishing to attract attending to a social issue, you lot tin alone laissez passer on the media or politicians, who choose the mightiness to distribute your message. If you lot wishing to brand your work organisation to a greater extent than customers You bespeak to purchase expensive ads or glue information on the bulletin board. Now you lot tin contact everyone amongst your ain voice."

The next is the total text of Zuckerberg's 15th anniversary of the nascence of Facebook.

Today, 15 years ago, I published a virgin version of the Facebook site inwards my college dormitory. At that time, I flora that at that spot are already many websites on the marketplace that allow people to search for diverse things, such every bit books, music, news, information, together with businesses, but no website tin search for the most of import information: people.

So I developed a uncomplicated website some people together with friendships where users tin connect amongst the people they wishing to know together with portion everything of import inwards life.

The wishing of people to limited themselves, acquire from others, together with rest inwards touching through novel ways is beyond my initial imagination. In a few weeks, two-thirds of Harvard students purpose Facebook almost every day.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few months later, students from other places emailed me together with my roommates, hoping to launch Facebook inwards their school, together with and thence nosotros launched Facebook inwards nearly thirty schools.

Over a year, to a greater extent than than 1 1000000 students are already using Facebook to rest inwards touch. In the years that followed, nosotros began to brand this service achieve to a greater extent than people. It took nearly 4 years for the site to achieve 100 1000000 users together with less than a decade for billions of users. Today, 2.7 billion people some the the world rest inwards touching through our services.

The outset decade inwards which people used Facebook to construct a network of people was an unforgettable time. Some outsiders intend that Facebook is simply a short-lived novel fashion, together with fifty-fifty a footling boring, but for us who started using this platform early, it is clear that a major alter is taking house inwards lodge every bit a whole, reflecting how a the world today The novel reality of operation.

In the past, many people's lives were filled amongst huge levels of institutions, such every bit the government, the volume media, universities, together with religious organizations. These organizations choose brought stability to society, but they are sometimes out of reach. If you lot wishing to progress, you lot tin climb upwards piece of cake along this "staircase." If you lot wishing to create something novel or spread a novel idea, it would hold upwards hard to acquire to the heaven without the back upwards of the higher upwards organizations.

In today's 21st century, the the world is total of dissimilar networks, people are costless to communicate amongst admirers, together with people choose the mightiness to portion ideas together with life experiences. Facebook is far from beingness the alone social network that brings this change, it is simply 1 element of the ambitious evolution of the Internet.

Before the nascence of the Internet, if you lot choose dissimilar opinions or interests from your neighbors inwards the community, it is hard to abide by a community that has your hobbies at the same time. If you lot know that a vecino has moved away, you lot choose lost contact. If you lot wishing to heighten concerns nearly a social issue, you lot tin alone become through the media or politicians who choose the mightiness to distribute your message. If you lot wishing to acquire to a greater extent than customers inwards your business, you lot bespeak to purchase expensive ads or glue information on the bulletin board. Now you lot tin achieve everyone amongst your ain voice.

For me, the destination is that after Facebook released the News Feed feature, millions of people organized protests against violence inwards Colombia. We choose seen some online communities unite together with launch active fundraising on the Internet.

Now you lot tin maintain inwards touching amongst everyone amongst your ain voice. You don't choose to become through diverse levels of arrangement every bit you lot choose inwards the past. People choose greater abilities that non alone create opportunities but also create novel challenges together with responsibilities.

If the outset stage of the 21st century is to construct a network of people on the Internet, together with thence inwards the side yesteryear side phase, people volition purpose these networks to redefine all aspects of our society. In a the world that relies on social networking, this requires a remainder betwixt liberty together with responsibility.

In the yesteryear few years, populace sentiment discussions nearly social networks choose focused on the social or ethical issues they bring, such every bit content regulation to remainder liberty of facial expression together with social security, or how to create upwards one's hear the context inwards which people portion massive amounts of information. The regulation of protecting personal privacy, or improving wellness or personal well-being inwards a connected world, together with ensuring the fairness of elections together with democratic processes. All of these are fundamental issues, together with nosotros choose a responsibleness to hold upwards to a greater extent than proactive inwards managing social networking platforms to forestall them from harming them.

On these issues, nosotros choose made substantial progress, nosotros develop the world's top systems to solve these problems, but nosotros all the same bespeak to create to a greater extent than work.

We are taking some measures that were almost impossible a few years ago. For example, this year, our investment inwards information safety has exceeded the total annual revenue of Facebook when it went public, together with artificial intelligence technology scientific discipline for content administration has alone matured inwards recent years. .
In whatsoever case, every bit people purpose social networks to reshape society, it is critical that nosotros conk on to brand progress on these social issues.

At the same time, nosotros bespeak to come across other factors or strengths. As the Internet's interpersonal network replaces the traditional hierarchical construction together with reshapes diverse organizations inwards lodge (such every bit government, companies, media, communities, etc.), nosotros tin come across a tendency that some people oppose social networking. Changes, over-emphasis on negative effects, inwards some extreme cases, some fifty-fifty claim that empowering people through the Internet together with social networks volition choose impairment to lodge together with democracy.
In fact, on the contrary, although rapid social alter creates uncertainty, I come across that people choose greater abilities, together with people are reshaping a lodge that is to a greater extent than opened upwards together with accountable inwards the long run.

We are all the same inwards the early on stages of this revolution, inwards many ways, fifty-fifty simply getting started.

If inwards the yesteryear 15 years, people create novel social networks together with start to come across the changes they bring, together with thence inwards the side yesteryear side 15 years, people volition purpose this novel mightiness to transform society. The side yesteryear side few decades volition choose dandy positive significance.

When I founded Facebook, all of us had a deep wishing to focus on “people,” non simply content, business, business, applications, together with politics. I all the same choose the same beliefs until today, together with I am grateful to everyone on Facebook's social network who also holds this belief together with is edifice a novel the world every day. We volition usher inwards some other vivid 15 years. 


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