√ Honor Sentiment Xx Inwards Pictures: It All Depends On The Hole

- January 15, 2018

A hole inwards the cover : what sounds similar the piteous resultant of an unwanted rendezvous betwixt smartphone in addition to cobblestones is the brain characteristic of the novel Honor View 20. What optical highlights the Honor telephone has to offering beyond the "punch-hole" display, nosotros exhibit inwards the photo gallery.

 what sounds similar the piteous resultant of an unwanted rendezvous betwixt smartphone in addition to cobblest √ Honor View xx inwards pictures: It all depends on the hole

Bye, "Notch": After the controversial cover gap has dominated the past times smartphone year, 2019 volition last the yr of the display hole. In this country, the Honor View 20, which was launched past times the Huawei subsidiary of the same cite inwards Jan 2019 at a cost of 569 euros *, marks the beginning.

With its powerful Kirin 980 processor, upwards to 8 GB of RAM in addition to a 48-MP camera, the Honor View 20 does non accept to shroud from much to a greater extent than expensive smartphones. But what close the look? Visually, the View xx likewise brings some delicacies - which nosotros expect at now. Here nosotros go!

Proud 6.4 inches measures the LCD display (2,340 x 1,080 pixels) inwards Honor View 20. Thus, the Honor telephone plays inwards a league amongst the iPhone XS Max, Milky Way Note nine or other XXL smartphones. Striking are the narrow edges only about the display.

But the existent highlight is somewhere else ... Instead of a cover gap ("notch") integrates the manufacturer inwards the Honor View 20 a hole inwards the display, which lives inwards the upper left corner in addition to provides infinite for the 25 MP front end camera. One has to larn used to this expect - less noticeable than a big cutting inwards the upper middle of the display is such a "punch hole" but always.

How does such a display hole genuinely exercise inwards everyday use?

When watching videos, for example, such a modest hole, of course, less obvious than a "notch", peculiarly inwards dark backgrounds. But the display hole is non completely invisible.

Not inconspicuous is the dorsum of the Honor View xx ...

Nomen est omen: The drinking glass dorsum of the Honor View 20 reflects a V-pattern that reflects dissimilar colors depending on the light. Already amongst the dark model (photo), the trial comes out well, but inwards the ruddy in addition to blueish versions, the lite play is probable to last fifty-fifty to a greater extent than spectacular.

A closer expect at the dorsum of the Honor View xx reveals yet some other ...

It is written inwards the upper correct corner: "AI VISION" - similar many of the electrical flow Honor in addition to Huawei smartphones, the Honor View xx has an NPU ("Neural Processing Unit") that uses artificial news to alter the settings of the 48-MP photographic boob tube camera to automatically adjust to the subject. Support is provided past times a 3D sensor for depth information, which allows beautiful bokeh effects amongst blurred background. How good that works, nosotros volition discovery out inwards a photographic boob tube camera attempt out of the View 20. Also on the back: the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device.

A lilliputian disappointment is at the bottom of the Honor View xx ...

The Honor View xx has exclusively 1 mono speaker (right) installed. Although he makes a comparatively skillful figure, nonetheless nosotros would accept liked the stereo sound. After all: At to the lowest degree the Honor View xx has a USB-C port for charging the 4,000 mAh battery. On the far left is the microphone.

A lilliputian curiosity tin ambit the axe last institute inwards the settings of the Honor View xx ...

Laut Einstellungsmenü läuft auf dem Honor View 20 das sogenannte Magic UI und nicht das von bisherigen Huawei- und Honor-Smartphones bekannte EMUI. Tatsächlich sind Magic UI und EMUI sowohl funktional als auch optisch vollkommen identisch. Weshalb Honor im View xx perish Software umbenannt hat, ist nicht klar.

Und zum Schluss noch …Unser ausführliches Hands-On-Video zum Honor View 20.

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