How To Transfer Videos From Iphone/Ipad To Figurer Without Itunes

- January 02, 2018
With the coming of novel iPhone, nosotros know that the photographic goggle box camera on iPhone has reached a slap-up progress technically. It’s a expert novel for the people who bask photographing or video shooting, spell there’re enough of Apps for video editing. Although iPhone became larger enshroud than its predecessor, it’s nevertheless non hence convenient equally computer, particularly when nosotros desire to add together to a greater extent than interesting effects on a video. How volition you lot produce if you lot desire to transfer videos from iOS device to computer? Here this postal service volition say you lot only about elementary ways.

Method 1: Transfer Videos to estimator amongst iPhone software

We know that Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software tin forcefulness out assistance you lot recover deleted videos from iOS device. That’s what nosotros tin forcefulness out say from its name. But produce you lot know it also tin forcefulness out hold upwards role equally a tool to movement videos from iOS devices to computer? Follow these familiar steps to transfer videos from iPhone/iPad to estimator (Win & Mac).
  1. Open iPhone Video Recovery on computer, together with choose “Videos”.
  2. Connect iPhone to estimator together with outset scanning.
  3. Preview the scanning resultant together with transfer videos to computer.

Method 2: Download Videos from iCloud

After iOS 8, if you’ve activated iCloud Photo Library, all your photos together with videos inwards your iOS device volition automatically hold upwards uploaded to iCloud amongst network available. Then afterwards the uploading procedure finished, you lot tin forcefulness out download videos from iCloud.
  1. Check if you’ve activated iCloud Photo Library, together with connect iOS device to network.
  2. Go to, facial expression until videos fully uploaded, together with and hence download them to computer.

Method 3: Export Videos to Computer via Windows Explorer

If you lot haven’t plough on iCloud Photo Library yet, this method volition hold upwards the easiest means for Windows users. Every fourth dimension you lot connect iPhone to computer, there’s a prompt popular upwards on the enshroud named “AutoPlay”, together with atomic number 82 you lot to the place of iPhone folder DCIM. Even if you lot don’t have whatever prompt, you lot tin forcefulness out notice the folder yourself, together with transfer videos to estimator easily yesteryear copying together with pasting.

Note: If you’ve turned on iCloud Photo Library together with ticked on Optimise iPhone Storage, you lot volition notice nada but hidden icon inwards this folder.

Method 4: Import Videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac

If you lot accept a Mac, you lot tin forcefulness out chop-chop boot the bucket videos from iOS device. 
  1. Once you lot plug inwards iPhone or iPad, the Photos App volition automatically opened upwards or you lot opened upwards it manually.
  2. Click the Import tag on the occur together with and hence choose the videos demand to import.
  3. Click Import Selected, together with follow onscreen prompts afterwards procedure finished.
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