Iphone Tips: Google Nexus Seven Vs Ipad Mini 7

- January 01, 2018
People blame me for that I ever favor the Apple products when talking almost novel Android devices. And to live honest, that is oft true. So y'all approximate what? I bought an Android device to exercise a review. It is the Google Nexus seven that I am belongings correct inward my hand. So what are my findings equally Apple Fanboy?
Here is my experience of 1 calendar week playing alongside it. To start with, the cost is great! US $200 for the 8 GB in addition to US $250 for the xvi GB version of Googles starting fourth dimension ain tablet. Nope, no 3G or 4G on board. However Wifi, bluetooth in addition to NFC is built-in. I haven't tested the latter 2 radios yet, sorry. The unboxing of Google's solely seven incher is unfortunately non equally polish equally an iPad. The box was based on a matchbox package. You conduct hold to slide out the box alongside a friction that didn't went real smooth.
The Google Nexus seven has a Match box fashion box - Unboxing past times sliding it opened upward -  It didn't went smoothly when sliding it open, footling fleck to tight by iPhone-Tips-Tricks.com 
However, I conduct hold managed to move out on the unboxing. There it is, a seven inch tablet grinning at me inward his coffin-like box. (click to "Read More" link below to regard the total article)

You tin convey the device out easily similar an iPad. So lets abide by the powerfulness switch, but where is it? Ahhh right-hand side is the pocket-size switch. The organization boots. This is the starting fourth dimension Google machine that runs on the newest "Jelly Bean" aka Android 4.1. Unfortunately I needed a scissor in addition to a sudden stanley knife to acquire loose the mini usb cable in addition to the charger. To conclude the unboxing part, it is non just the polish iPad unboxing experience, but hello Google (or ASUS the OEM) tin larn from our suggestions: For unboxing devices, nosotros don't similar to work a scissor in addition to / or a knife.
There it is, a seven inch tablet grinning at me inward his coffin-like box. by iPhone-Tips-Tricks.com 
The seven inch size is good? Yes it is, it just feels correct to me! With an 10 inch iPad, y'all demand 2 hands to concur it, oft demand a tabular array or your lap to back upward it. The Nexus fits inward i hand, similar concur it similar a phone. The other paw tin live used to drive your auto ehhh I mean, to affect the seven inch multitouch screen.
7 inch Google Nexus vs 10 inch iPad. It is lighter in addition to fits inward my left hand, enble my other paw to freely work the multitouch screen.
The "tapping to enlarge document" industrial plant inward Android 4.1. Well, yesterday Samsung lost the $1Billion lawsuit, Apple blames Samsung it had copied his patent 163 . I am non real familiar alongside legal stuff, but if Apple wins, Google/Asus mightiness also acquire forced to take away this 'copied' functionality?
The dorsum is dark soft plastic. It feels real dainty similar leather. It does non experience cold, in addition to adapts the temperature of your hands. I recall is is less durable equally aluminum but it will

Android industrial plant real smoothly, the three Android buttons are onscreen buttons. Actually, they consume a component of your screen, leaving y'all conduct hold less working infinite on your multitouch enshroud for the apps. Flicking some the Android user interface is nice. One annoying thing, if y'all are scrolling to the halt of an page, Android does non has the "bounce back" characteristic notifying thence user. Well Google is non probable to add together it inward 4.2 because this is also a Apple patent 381.
I genuinely similar the iOS icons more, they are to a greater extent than intuitive to organize than the smaller Android icons. When y'all desire to delete an Android app, y'all conduct hold to drag the icon to an delete expanse on top of the screen. Unbelievable complex gesture if y'all inquire me! In Apple iOS, y'all  Hold till the icon whiggels - Then tap to delete, is much to a greater extent than intuitive. 
Running apps is easy. Goto Google Play (formally known equally the marketplace position place) in addition to pick out some apps y'all like. download in addition to install it in addition to y'all are adept to go. However, I maintain the feeling, Android apps are to a greater extent than unsafe than iOS apps because the root is non ever known. So I straight installed a complimentary virus scanner (mcafee app) that checks my apps against a large known virus database somewhere at mcafee HQ. However, afterwards some days it is started complaining that I conduct hold to pay money. What a bummer! All alongside all the apps generally  works polish on the Tegra three quad (= 4) substance nexus 7. One annoying affair is alongside media players. When y'all run 2 music players at the time, y'all genuinely also take heed both music playing. In  iOS, the latest music actor prevails in addition to the other volition fade out. With Android y'all demand to abide by the icon of the starting fourth dimension music app, kill it, confirm to kill it. many steps.
The camera. There is i front end facing camera. However, Android 4.1 does non furnish y'all alongside an photographic telly camera app. What a shame! Instead y'all demand to download a photographic telly camera app before y'all tin convey your starting fourth dimension picture. Weird google! Okay, it is a 1.2 spider web camera. The low-cal sensitivity is good, the shutter speed is ok. You tin non easily convey pictures similar a normal photographic telly camera because at that spot is no bring upward facing camera. For concern work similar service people who needs to convey pictures for their processes, it is only a no go. H5N1 pity!
The measure apps. The e-mail customer is first-class in addition to equally adept equally the postal service app inward iOS. I configured my corporate email, which is Microsoft Exchange 200X. I just filled inward my corporate e-mail concern human relationship in addition to my Active Directory password, in addition to it works. Ofcourse y'all acquire the safety policy pushed from the central server. Remote wipe, unlock Passcode in addition to more. Actually the customer volition warn for all possible policies, but does non just know the safety policy which are configured inward MS Exchange. Just accept, in addition to it volition piece of work similar a charm. Also the Global Address List is available when creating a novel messages. When y'all type a graphic symbol inward the TO box, it volition advise e-mail addresses from the GAL.
Alle Google ain apps are working fine Gtalk, Gmail, Maps, Locations, Earth, Chrome, Plus in addition to a navigation app all piece of work fine. But the sweetest affair inward Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is of course of written report 'Google Now!' This is a vocalisation ascendency in addition to response app real very similar to similar Apple famous log fourth dimension beta equivalent named "Siri". The results are amazing in addition to may live equally adept equally Siri. Just press the Google Now clit in addition to inquire a question. And Google straight off volition give an vocalisation answer back.

Examples: Who's the president of the United States? Do I demand a raincoat today ? What is the upper-case missive of the alphabet of Mali? How many people lives inward China? What is an iPad? For all these questions y'all acquire an vocalisation answer back! You tin give commands to the Nexus seven to doe things like: notify me inward xv minutes. Wake me at seven AM, Locate San Francisco. Plan coming together tomorrow at ix am. It volition laid the timer alarm, add together coming together inward the calendar, laid alert clock etc. All for that depression cost from $200 !
The battery work is ok. May non concluding equally long equally the iPad, but long for a working hateful solar daytime to read in addition to sent emails. The charging cable connector is a micro USB, in addition to it is horrible to plug to your Nexus 7. That comes because it is a real pocket-size connector.

Now the ecosystem part. In iOS, if y'all convey a moving painting alongside your iPhone or iPad, the photograph volition live available on whatever Apple device without doing anything. I oft sentiment photos I took earlier, on my Apple TV alongside Photostream. I can't exercise it easily alongside Android. So that ecosystem of iCloud, iTunes, Airplay, AppleTV, Remote app, iBook app. I recall that is what is genuinely missing on the Android, a ecosystem where y'all tin count on in addition to that works.

The Nexus seven is a adept in addition to good built device. Nice in addition to soft materials are used. The depression cost from $200, y'all acquire the best in addition to newest android tablet device y'all tin imagine. And it is from Google, the manlike someone parent of Android. I can't imagine the rumored Apple's iPad mini volition come upward closed to 200 -250 dollar mark. So for that cost I would recommend y'all to acquire one.
The usability is enhanced real much, all user interface features are substance technologies of Android Jelly Bean itself. No skins, OEM helper tools. For that reason, I tin recommend it. However, if y'all real used to Apples iOS user interfaces, y'all volition immature lady some natural await in addition to experience similar the bounce dorsum features.
Business use, If y'all solely work corporate email, calendar functions, I tin recommend the nexus 7. The postal service customer industrial plant well. However, Android is known for to a greater extent than opened upward to permit malicious apps in, that tin steal other Apps information similar your email. Take that into account, in addition to live careful to pick out a suitable Mobile Device Management (MDM or EMM) solution to trim back risks of losing sensitive information. Same affair for Enterprise applications. That are applications that queries your corporate backend databases via a connector to your DMZ. In these cases, y'all must carefully pick out a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) alongside rigid sandboxing implementation in addition to encryption technologies. For concern processes that is using the photographic telly camera taking pictures, it is non recommended. There is only no bring upward photographic telly camera on board.
For the Apple Fanboy who already has all iDevices at home, hold off for the rumored seven inch Apple iPad Mini or only stick alongside your iPad 2 or iPad 3. Why? Because y'all volition only live missing the Apple ecosystem including iCloud, Airplay, AppleTV, Remote App, Photostream, Mac integration etc etc that makes Apple products industrial plant thence good alongside other Apple products. What are your thoughts?

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