Iphone Tips: How To Jailbreak Ios 5.1 For Apple Tree Television Set 2G (Tethered)

- January 01, 2018
FireCore settings clitoris is added on the jailbroken Apple TV 2G iOS 5.1 user interface
Q: What is happened? A: Since some hours a tethered jailbreak for the Apple TV 2G dark is available. Q: Who did released this one? A:  FireCore, the guys behind the Seas0nPass jailbreak tool convey pushed out the update that provides a tethered jailbreak on the latest iOS 5.1 – 9B179b firmware. Q: Which Apple TV is supported as well as what must I last warned for about? A: Well, the update to the pop jailbreak tool currently exclusively supports the second-generation Apple TV unit of measurement as well as thus volition non render whatsoever jailbreak on the 1080p capable third-gen 2012 Apple TV. Be warned this is a tethered jailbreak. The tethered nature of this jailbreak agency that every fourth dimension the unit of measurement needs to last rebooted, it volition convey to last connected to your PC or Mac to last set into a jailbroken state. Q: Why should I teach for this jailbreak? A: Well, personally I stick on my 444 untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 [video tutorial HERE] because my favorite features similar Photostream as well as Airplay are included inward this older iOS version. This older untethered 4.4.4 jailbreak also adds the superb native Media Player ATV app, which is able current whatsoever of my movies I percentage on a NAS via WiFI without problems of delay, buffering or stuttering at all as well as much improve than XBMC. However if yous can't expression to purpose the novel colorful user interface of iOS 5.1 as well as don't hear connect your reckoner to the Apple TV during reboots of it, so go, teach for it Q: Okay, how to jailbreak Apple TV 2, iOS 5.0 (iOS 5.1 – 9B179b) using Seas0npass A: I flora these detailed instructions via redmondpie HERE which should last fine. (read the comments of other jail breakers first).  Good luck, as well as yous are on your own!

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