√ Samsung Galaxy S10e | S10 | S10+ Specification As Well As Features

- January 12, 2018
Several apartment Galaxy S10+ |S10e | S10 | S10+ phones seen from the same perspective. With the exception of the middle phone, all other phones are black, alongside a prismatic slope on the screen, alongside the Galaxy S10+ stacked on top of it in addition to a cellular telephone on each side.

 alongside a prismatic slope on the covert √ Samsung Milky Way S10e | S10 | S10+ Specification in addition to features

As an explorer inwards the mobile plain for 10 years, Samsung's pursuit in addition to exploration of applied scientific discipline are endless. With the exploration of Samsung's novel generation of mobile excogitation products, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10e, Milky Way S10, Milky Way S10+.

Galaxy S10e, Milky Way S10, Milky Way S10+, the novel generation of Samsung Milky Way has arrived.

Three graphic texts showing "S10" come inwards the display from the side of the covert in addition to and thus motion out of the covert from the other side of the covert equally you lot scroll.
Comparison of Milky Way S9 video alongside Milky Way S10+4K UHD in addition to HDR10+ recorded video.


The novel generation of cellular telephone blueprint must non exclusively live on eye-catching but likewise demo the mightiness of technology.

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A thoughtful novel blueprint that makes the persuasion smoother. The covert has no notches in addition to uses less interference. The novel generation of Samsung Galaxy uses a precise Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation cutting procedure alongside reliable covert safety in addition to a dynamic AMOLED display. Its innovative super-sensory full-screen* makes the Samsung Milky Way color display exceptionally eye-catching.

*Supersensory full covert refers to the ultra-high color accuracy supported past times the Galaxy S10 serial cellular telephone screen, HDR10+ high dynamic range image, in addition to pixel density (PPI) role tin transcend the perceptual make of the full general human visual sense, bringing users More shocking visual experience.

The iii Galaxy S10+ phones, seen from a small-scale angle on ane side of the Bixby in addition to book keys, are inwards landscape mode, lying apartment higher upward the telephone inwards front end of it. On iii screens, an aerial shot of a boat in addition to ii H2O skiers on the H2O is displayed, showing the vastness of the Super-Sensory Full Screen.

Tap the screen fingerprint to unlock. We direct hold moved the safety certificate from the dorsum of the telephone to the front end in addition to laid upward the ultrasound fingerprint scan* straight on the screen.

*Only for Galaxy S10 in addition to Milky Way S10+.

The finger is touching the supersensory total screen, in addition to the ultrasonic fingerprint emits a regal pulse.

Samsung's novel generation of applied scientific discipline products direct hold been formed
Ø  Model in addition to color may vary slightly depending on the solid reason or operator.
A frontal picture of the Milky Way S10e alongside abstract coral in addition to blueish slope graphics on the screen.
Ø  Galaxy S10e5.8 (right angle) / 5.6 (rounded corners) inches 1
Ø  A frontal picture of the Milky Way S10 alongside abstract coral in addition to blueish slope graphics on the screen.
Ø  Galaxy S106.1 (right angle) / 6.0 (rounded corners) inches 1
Ø  The front end side of the Milky Way S10+, alongside abstract coral in addition to blueish slope graphics on the screen.
Ø  Galaxy S10+6.4 (right angle) / 6.3 (rounded corners) inches 1

Ø  Powerful supervision shooting system, making a professional person blockbuster
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Ø  Capture a broad horizon. Use the ultra wide-angle photographic television camera to capture stunning fine art scenes alongside a 123-degree plain of view.
Ø  A photograph was taken past times a Galaxy S10+ inwards front end of several wooden stakes standing at the beach at dusk. It shows a richer scene through an ultra wide-angle camera.
Ø  *Photos taken alongside the Galaxy S10+, dynamic display effects are for reference only.
Ø  Smartphones help you lot accomplish bully art. Its smart photographic television camera brings you lot stunning photos past times suggesting composition suggestions in addition to automatically optimizing photographic television camera settings.
A photograph was taken past times the Galaxy S10, inwards which the Sun emerges from the dorsum of the mount in addition to is reflected on the water.
Ø  *Photos taken alongside the Galaxy S10+, dynamic display effects are for reference only.
Ø  Designed for a next-generation performance of Samsung Milky Way for users who are passionate virtually novel technologies

The telephone itself is a source of shared power. Wireless shared charging lets you lot percentage your mightiness 3 alongside other devices.

The Milky Way S10+, which is seen at the 45-degree angle from the rear. As you lot scroll the screen, to a greater extent than or less other Milky Way S10+ appears on top of the outset Milky Way S10+ in addition to displays a charging icon that demonstrates the wireless shared charging feature. As you lot come about to scroll the screen, Milky Way Watch Active appears in addition to charges on the Milky Way S10+.

In the air, at that topographic point are vehicles driving, pedestrians weaved streetscapes, in addition to lines higher upward the Wi-Fi in addition to LTE connections.

Enjoy online life. Even on populace networks, Smart Wi-Fi tin connect quickly, reliably in addition to securely via Wi-Fi 6. It tin switch to LTE alongside a peak information download speed of 2.0 Gbps.

A weapon to overcome competitive games. We direct hold optimized the blueprint of hardware in addition to software to convey you lot powerful in addition to polish gaming experience.

* Dynamic display effects are for reference only.

The Milky Way S10+ features a landscape trend that supports the upright from a side of the Bixby in addition to book buttons at a slight angle, in addition to the internal hardware is exposed to demo the construction of the Milky Way S10+ optimized for the game.


A novel generation of smartphones to sympathize your usage habits

We are constantly striving to create advanced applied scientific discipline products that volition give you lot a unlike experience. The built-in smart application in addition to advanced hardware tin maintain abreast of the agency in addition to habits you lot utilisation your mobile phone, in addition to extend your usage fourth dimension through intelligent optimization to accomplish efficient functioning piece keeping your telephone inwards skillful condition.
Extreme close-up of the neural processing unit of measurement built into the Milky Way S10+ AP.

Powerful artificial tidings lets you lot alive your life. The “Bixby Daily Program” tin live on used to telephone telephone you lot frequently-used applications in addition to tasks for a natural in addition to intelligent experience, depending on the fourth dimension or place.

A faux photograph of the Bixby Daily Programs interface for driving programs. It tin activate voice, wake up, play Samsung music, in addition to automatically rotate the covert orientation.

*The covert maps in addition to production description maps provided on this website are all reference maps. The actual province of affairs is plain of report to the actual product. Product images in addition to models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interfaces, in addition to other production information are for reference only. Samsung may meliorate the higher upward contents. For details, delight cite to the production in addition to production manual. Unless otherwise stated, the information contained inwards this website are Samsung's internal examination results, in addition to the comparisons are compared alongside Samsung products.

Galaxy S10e covert size, 5.8 inches is the diagonal length when the display fillet is stretched to a correct angle, 5.6 inches is the rounded diagonal length; Milky Way S10's covert size 6.1 inches is the display fillet stretched to a correct angle The diagonal length of the fourth dimension is 6.0 inches, which is the diagonal length of the fillet; piece the covert size of the Galaxy S10+ is 6.4 inches, which is the diagonal length when the display fillet is stretched to a correct angle, in addition to 6.3 inches is the rounded diagonal. Length; Due to the presence of rounded corners in addition to photographic television camera holes, the actual viewing expanse is slightly smaller.

The accuracy of smart photographic television camera shooting may vary depending on the shooting weather condition (including multiple subjects, insufficient light, out of focus, or moving the subject).
Wireless shared charging is express to Samsung or other branded smartphones that back upward WPC Qi wireless charging, such equally Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note9, Note8, Note5, in addition to wearable. Devices such equally Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Samsung Milky Way Watch, in addition to Samsung Milky Way Buds. Some accessories, cases, or other branded devices may non live on available. Depending on your network environment, it may comport on telephone telephone reception or information services.

Faster than previous Wi-Fi protocols. This characteristic is required for devices that back upward Wi-Fi 6. The availability of Wi-Fi half dozen back upward may vary past times country.


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