√ Slider Telephone Innovation, Beak For The Novel Words

- January 09, 2018
The dual-11 mobile telephone manufacture staged a novel moving ridge of slider phones. Lenovo Z5 Pro, Xiaomi MIX 3 as well as Glory Magic2 all adopt a slide-screen total cover design.

 mobile telephone manufacture staged a novel moving ridge of slider phones √ Slider telephone innovation, verbalize for the novel words

According to Jingdong's Nov eleven mobile telephone rankings, Xiaomi MIX 3 as well as Glory Magic2 receive got entered the top 10 sales list. However, inwards a week, I checked the Jingdong mobile telephone hot listing as well as constitute that at that topographic point is no slide phone.

The 3 slider phones launched on the even of the Eleventh are dissimilar inwards price of implementation. The Lenovo Z5 Pro uses a double-screw slide alongside a six-position guide construction to minimize the deflection as well as brand the slider as well as the host to a greater extent than tightly connected. Not slow to loose, alongside a rails life of to a greater extent than than 300,000 times. Xiaomi MIX 3 has 2 built-in neodymium atomic release 26 boron permanent magnets, which utilisation magnetic ability to tally the slide rails to consummate the sliding screen. This magnetic assistance is to a greater extent than handy. The glory Magic2 uses a butterfly-like five-track sliding cover construction made of purely mechanical, which provides a to a greater extent than comfortable sliding feel.

Judging from the dissimilar information of the 2 lists of Jingdong mobile phones on the 11th as well as 17th, the slider telephone is rattling "eye-catching" as well as does non seem to "suck the gold". From the production iteration bespeak of view, equally the slide pattern of the functional machine era, the application is a retrogression on the smart phone, although Lenovo, Huawei, as well as Xiaomi all took wages of the slides inwards front end of the double eleven to pick out a adept marketing, but It must hold upward said that the slider does non come across the existent needs of users.

Self-proclaimed innovations in

slider phones Many well-known slider phones were born inwards the era of role machines. The kickoff slider model was from Siemens. As early on equally 1998, Siemens introduced a slider model SL10, but it Not sold domestically. Until the Nokia 7650 was born inwards 2002, it became the kickoff slide telephone sold inwards China. This telephone has created a release of "first", the kickoff Symbian organisation smartphone, the kickoff slider phone, The kickoff five-dimensional rocker mobile phone, it is also Nokia's kickoff colouring cover mobile phone, Nokia's kickoff mobile telephone alongside built-in camera, whether it is cool pattern or practicality, it made it beautiful as well as stylish at the time. Symbol.

With the advent of the intelligent machine era, the slider machine has been abandoned yesteryear most mobile telephone manufacturers. Although the manufacturers are however producing sprinklers on the market, they are entirely to cater to the needs of a modest release of people. The slide telephone cannot move into the mainstream mobile telephone manufacturers. Eye of the law. But who tin recollect of it, today, alongside the popularity of smart phones, many well-known mobile telephone manufacturers receive got re-made slider phones.

The Apple iPhone X officially released final year, its cover pattern was dubbed "Liu Haiping". At the fourth dimension of its release, domestic consumers were voicing. As a result, many domestic mobile phones inwards the kickoff one-half of this twelvemonth disguised the fake of "Liu Haiping", such equally Huawei P20. Series, Xiaomi 8, OPPO as well as vivo, the 4 giants of domestic mobile phones receive got caught upward alongside Apple's "Liu Haiping" pace. Recently, the slide-type full-screen pattern has been fired. Huawei, Xiaomi as well as Lenovo receive got all started to utilisation the slide-screen full-screen design. From the user's bespeak of view, inwards gild to improve the compromise made yesteryear the cover ratio, it is an uncompromising "pseudo-fashion" to cash inwards one's chips dorsum as well as pursue the "retro" slider technology.

I receive got to acknowledge that the flip telephone is a pattern that i time led the tendency of the times. It does receive got its ain advantages. The most intuitive i is the beautiful as well as elegant, the cover is high, as well as it is cool to use. However, around of the pattern flaws inwards the slider telephone receive got left the advantages that it tin pick out out.

Tian Hao believes that the electrical flow tendency of slider mobile phones is to a greater extent than similar a nostalgic self-promotion of the mobile telephone manufacture later falling into the "screen business anxiety". Many mobile telephone manufacturers are however stuck inwards the advertisement of "sliding encompass tin hold upward used 300,000 times" as well as "our cover ratio is XX%". It does non solve the occupation that if the mobile telephone becomes thick as well as heavy, the slider is slow to move into the water, the battery is non durable, etc. primal problem.

Even the entirely practise goodness of the slide pattern is that the "full screen" can't stand upward the scrutiny. Most of the app applications are directly designed to move out the left or correct side of the logo pattern blank. Liu Haiping, H2O drib cover as well as XX cover receive got been satisfied. With the trial of the screen, the "full" cover that the slider has to do, the experience does non pick out virtually whatsoever revolutionary improvement. In a saturated marketplace environment, mobile telephone manufacturers are pursuing hardware-level differentiation, manufacturing gimmicks as well as selling points, which may spur consumers' wishing to purchase. As for products that are non adept or not, they are non the primary consideration.

The episode of the full-screen era
Image : sina.com.cn

The comprehensive cover is a metaphor for the mobile telephone manufacture to pursue a cover ratio of nearly 100%. Due to the electrical flow technology, the manufacture claims that the full-screen mobile telephone is entirely a super-high-screen mobile phone. More than 100% of the phones. As the major smartphone manufacturers pay attending to the comprehensive screen, according to the information of CINNO Research, the penetration charge per unit of measurement of the total cover inwards the smart machine marketplace inwards 2017 is 6%, as well as it is expected to soar to 50% inwards 2018, as well as so gradually increase to 2021. 93%. These soaring information is rattling similar to the beat of the popularity of 4G mobile phones inwards the past, showing the significance of the full-screen application for smartphones inwards the post-4G era.

The evolution of the comprehensive cover makes the cover occupy to a greater extent than as well as more, the frame is getting smaller as well as smaller, as well as the same size mobile telephone has a larger screen. This brings obvious advantages, firstly bringing a superior visual sensory experience as well as letting utilisation You tin experience the cover is total of screens; secondly, you lot tin improve the resolution as well as resolution of the screen, so providing a to a greater extent than refined motion-picture demo quality; i time again, the telephone tin hold upward made wider as well as to a greater extent than proportionate, making the appearance aspect to a greater extent than full.

However, due to the demand to pick out attention of the front end camera, the total cover has ever had a modest regret, Xiaomi MIX large chin, iPhone Qi Liuhai, Huawei H2O drib screen, final year's lifting photographic boob tube camera as well as this year's slider, are all attempts to solve the modest regret. Tian Hao believes that the electrical flow sliding cover is non a revolution, but an episode of the continuous deepening of the comprehensive cover revolution.

In the era of functional machines, the slider is to solve the occupation of the input keyboard. Into the era of smart phones, at that topographic point is a built-in virtual keyboard, the slider is no longer necessary, as well as directly inwards gild to liberate the screen, increase the proportion of the screen, practise non hesitate to enshroud the camera, it seems clumsy non to use. In fact, inwards gild to pursue the extremeity of "screen occupancy rate", to sacrifice the practicality of mobile phones, it is non worth the candle. The slider has been swept into the garbage heap of the history of mobile phones, as well as so regained it. It is a fight similar hunger inwards the trash can. Turning over the wreckage that has been discarded for a few days.

Therefore, Tian Hao believes that the slide pattern is non destined to larn the mainstream, it is simply a modest episode of the total cover era singing. In fact, iPhone X Liu Haiping, H2O drib screen, beauty pointed cover as well as other special-shaped screens are the most suitable pattern solutions at present. Because the “status bar” moves up, the shaped cover does non impact the experience, permit lonely the electrical flow users tin receive got these irregular shapes. Screen. Of course, the cover fingerprints as well as the cover photographic boob tube camera that the major mobile telephone manufacturers are exploring are the ultimate shape of the total screen.

System, chip, 4G, cover side yesteryear side chance inwards the

era of batteries into the smart phone, although the role of mobile phones is to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than complete, consumers also experience the evolution of mobile phones, but from the perspective of manufacture development, mobile telephone manufacturers receive got a Relative engineering scientific discipline or pattern bottleneck period, when consumers practise non receive got the ability to supersede mobile phones, mobile telephone manufacturers receive got to piece of work difficult to prepare as well as design, to create a amend mobile telephone than the current, or no gimmicks as well as selling points, consumers who Willing to pass coin to supersede your mobile phone? This is also the argue why Apple's renewal is prosperous, as well as it is largely because consumers are pushing you lot to reform as well as innovate. Smartphones receive got experienced 4 major excogitation revolutions, equally well.

For the kickoff time, the nascency of the smart telephone organisation has changed the mobile telephone from a express role to a personal computer. It has a carve upward operating organisation as well as independent running space. Users tin install software, games, navigation as well as other third-party service providers. The program, through the mobile communication network to accomplish wireless network, the mobile telephone non entirely has a leap-forward evolution inwards price of pattern as well as role expansion. In 2007, the kickoff iPhone was released, as well as smartphones opened upward a novel era of development. The iPhone has since larn a benchmark inwards the industry.

The 2nd time, the evolution of the chip. Under Moore's Law, when the cost is constant, the release of components that tin hold upward accommodated on an integrated circuit volition double every 18-24 months, as well as functioning volition double. At present, most of the chips inwards the smart telephone plain come upward from Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel as well as Samsung. Qualcomm represents the highest grade of mobile telephone chip companies, as well as is inwards a leading seat inwards CPU, GPU, baseband, etc. Mastering the chip enquiry as well as evolution engineering scientific discipline agency having super High economical returns.

The 3rd time, the evolution of 4G technology. Previously, the express Internet access rate, smartphone experience as well as PC receive got a large gap, 4G era smartphones ushered inwards a novel revolution, communication speed, mobile telephone role expansion, utilisation efficiency, as well as pick out a adept experience for users, It has brought a lot of benefits to life as well as made the hereafter a amend place. In particular, it has spawned a novel video of brusk video, which has triggered changes inwards sure enough industries.

For the quaternary time, the evolution of a comprehensive screen. With the evolution of a novel generation of smart phones, inwards gild to improve the efficiency of use, the cover equally a carrier of information output, mobile telephone manufacturers plough their attending to the screen, fifty-fifty Apple's Cook has abandoned Jobs's "3.5-inch cover is the most suitable for humans." The strategy of introducing 5.5-inch or larger screens has made the iPhone a pop product, leading the era of mobile telephone manufacturers to pursue large screens. Due to technical limitations, it is impossible to genuinely realize a full-screen without borders. Mobile telephone manufacturers are working difficult to increase the cover ratio, as well as the slide cover is an episode of the quaternary revolution.

Where is the side yesteryear side revolution? With the evolution of smart phones, the occupation of battery utilisation has ever been an of import occupation that plagues major mobile telephone manufacturers. It is the sword of Damocles hanging inwards the smart telephone market. Even Apple can't completely solve it, as well as OPPO mobile telephone charges for 5 minutes. The two-hour slogan tin hold upward an attractive gimmick, showing the importance of battery life to smartphones. Tianhao believes that the side yesteryear side generation of revolutionary opportunities on the battery, all innovations beyond the needs of people are meaningless. Throughout a few revolutions, inwards add-on to the breakthrough inwards the battery tin pick out qualitative changes to the mobile phone, the cost functioning of other subversive experiences is non high. In 2011, around netizens were cry for questions: "Is at that topographic point a possibility of breakthrough inwards mobile telephone battery engineering scientific discipline inwards the side yesteryear side few years? "A lot of netizens are pessimistic. Now that seven years receive got passed, at that topographic point are however no major breakthroughs, as well as the occupation of battery life is solved, that is, when the revolution is ushered in.


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