Here's How To Perish Android Marshmallow's Novel App Drawer On Lollipop

With Google I/O 2015 immediately behind us, we're pleased to encounter that the much talked-about Android Marshmallow is immediately a reality. Among its features is a novel app drawer, which lets yous organize apps to display your favorites at the top, conform them alphabetically and more. The expert intelligence is that yous don't necessitate to hold off until the novel update to assay this characteristic out. Just follow our remove to larn Android Marshmallow's app drawer on Lollipop correct now.

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The novel app drawer inwards Android Marshmallow is non exclusively functional, but it looks nifty also thank yous to a build clean novel white look.

Download Google Now Launcher

To run the novel app drawer, yous kickoff necessitate to supervene upon your electrical flow launcher amongst the Google Now Launcher. Nexus devices utilization this launcher yesteryear default, thence Nexus owners tin ignore this step. If, however, yous produce non stimulate got the Google Now Launcher in addition to thence yous necessitate to download it from the Play Store yesteryear clicking below.

Install the novel APK app for Android Marshmallow

Once you've installed Google Now Launcher, yous necessitate to download the Google App APK file. To produce this:
  1. Make certain your device is ready to convey downloads from unknown sources. To enable this, larn to Settings > Securitythen tick the Unknown sources box. 
  2. Next, download the Google App APK file to your device, which yous tin larn straight by clicking here. Open the APK in 1 trial you've downloaded it, in addition to thence follow the instructions to install Google App.

You're set. All yous necessitate to produce immediately is larn to your app drawer to admire the novel look. If yous determine yous don't desire it, only uninstall it similar yous would whatsoever other app.

Have yous tried the novel app drawer yet? Do yous prefer it to the one-time one?