10 Ideas For Beginner Spider Web Developers

  1. Simple weblog amongst comments
  2. Pastebin that has brusk urls (Google to a greater extent than or less brusk url algorithms)
  3. Make a todo listing website (without Javascript)
  4. Go dorsum as well as add together authentication (I used devise) to #1 as well as #2
  5. Build a site to ship text messages for you lot using Twilio
  6. Create a small-scale site to upload files to using Amazon S3′s costless account
  7. Go Back to #3 as well as Ajaxify it all. Add user accounts (with electronic mail reminders). I built Fluttrly.com somewhat similar this.
  8. Build your ain JSON as well as XML API onto #3 or whatever of the other sites
  9. Now bring that API you lot precisely built as well as practise a Ruby jewel out of it using ActiveResource
  10. Certainly past times at in i lawsuit you lot should direct maintain come upwards up amongst to a greater extent than or less ideas of your ain that you’d similar to build. If not, become construct an expense tracker amongst pretty graphs as well as export to CSV or Freshbooks functionality.

Don’t pass much fourth dimension edifice whatever of these projects. Get the to minimum listing of requirements you’d similar each site to direct maintain as well as motion onto the adjacent one. Do them over the weekend as well as don’t permit them stagnate for besides long.
Build it, consummate it, tackle the adjacent project. You tin e'er come upwards dorsum afterwards as well as revise it because justice what? 90% of software evolution is maintenance or integrating amongst existing systems.
These are sites you lot desire to construct upon every bit you lot grow every bit a developer. Build the weblog i weekend, revisit it 8 weeks afterwards as well as refactor it. You volition travel amazed past times how piteous of code you lot wrote precisely a few weeks ago.
Bonus points if you lot opened upwards beginning them, acquire your friends interested, as well as start applying their patches.
If you lot direct maintain other (better?) ideas, acquire out them inward the comments. This is precisely how I learned, thus it may non travel for everyone, but it certain brought me upwards to speed as well as inside almost 8 months of doing spider web evolution amongst Rails I had already submitted as well as gotten my starting fourth dimension spell accepted into Rails core.