9 Reasons Non To Upgrade To Windows 10

After months of hype together with media attention, Windows 10 is almost here. That agency it’s determination time: Do you lot upgrade every bit presently every bit you lot can? Or exercise you lot wait?

Hard every bit it may travel to resist the immediate hope of a improve computing experience, upgrading to a novel operating organisation every bit presently every bit it’s available isn’t e'er the best idea. Why? Glad you lot asked. Here are 8 reasons you lot powerfulness desire to reckon non upgrading to Windows 10.

If it ain’t broke…
Sure, Windows 10 volition travel a gratuitous upgrade for electrical flow Windows users. But cost isn’t the solely affair you lot should reckon when deciding to upgrade or not. The existent inquiry is, What are you lot going to get? Sure, there’s about fancy novel comport on interaction together with a personal assistant you lot tin verbalise to — cool story, Microsoft. But “cool“ doesn’t e'er equal “compelling.”

If you’re happy amongst your electrical flow Windows seven or 8 setup, why modify it? Remember, Microsoft has promised to give-up the ghost along supporting Windows seven until 2020, Windows 8 until 2023. And you’ve got a twelvemonth to pick out payoff of the gratuitous upgrade offer. Why the rush?

Windows 10 is forever
Unless you lot receive got about serious tech-savvy, downgrading from Windows 10 to a previous version is going to travel a serious undertaking. And there’s e'er the run a jeopardy that you’ll lose apps and/or information during that downgrade process.

Point being, 1 time you lot striking that upgrade button, it’s going to travel truly tough to larn back, should you lot receive got instant thoughts. Why non hold back until you’re absolutely certainly you’re create for the novel OS?

You tin larn the novel features inward other ways

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft tin holler all it wants nigh shiny novel features inward Windows 10. But amongst a picayune patience together with a few Web searches, you lot tin larn many of those “new” features straightaway past times tweaking your older version of Windows.

For example, Windows 10 brings dorsum the Start menu. But our rattling ain David Pogue showed you lot how to larn that bill of fare inward Windows 8 (or 8.1) final year. The shiny novel Edge browser looks cool together with all, but it doesn’t exercise a whole lot that Chrome or Firefox — amongst the appropriate settings together with extensions — can’t.

The commencement version is almost e'er buggy
Despite Microsoft’s best efforts at collecting feedback from early on adopters through its extensive Windows 10 technical preview process, bugs together with other issues are even together with thus going to surface inward the launch-day version of the novel OS.

Let others travel the guinea pigs, together with hold back until the bugs are ironed out. You’ll give cheers yourself inward the long run.

“You’ll update your OS, together with you’ll similar it”

Microsoft is taking a proactive approach past times requiring all Windows 10 Home users to pick out forced updates together with reinstalls of the marrow apps.

This lack of command leaves you lot at the mercy of Microsoft, regardless of how you lot experience nigh novel apps or redesigned interfaces. Should Microsoft force an update that breaks your organisation … well, also bad.

RIP Windows Media Center
Windows 10 completely does away amongst Windows Media Center. According to Microsoft, 1 time you lot upgrade to Windows 10, WMC volition all but disappear, leaving you lot to figure out another agency of accessing your amusement content.

So don’t upgrade to Windows 10 if you lot rely on together with purpose Windows Media Center on a daily basis.

Your favorite apps powerfulness break

Regardless of how long third-party developers receive got had access to Windows 10 to bear witness their code against, it won’t travel plenty for all of them. If you lot rely on a given app to exercise your job, banking concern represent amongst its developer nigh its Windows 10 compatibility earlier you lot click on that install button.

You receive got an older computer
Microsoft has set out about minimum hardware requirements for PCs to run Windows 10. But let’s travel honest: Just because your PC meets those requirements, that doesn’t necessarily hateful you’ll travel happy amongst the results.

If you lot detect yourself amongst an older reckoner that’s on the bubble betwixt compatible together with not, together with that PC runs your electrical flow OS only fine, you lot tin hold back until you lot upgrade your reckoner earlier you lot update Windows.

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 – Performance

One of the fundamental improvements of Windows 8 over Windows seven was truly performance. It booted quicker than Windows 7, went inward together with out of standby quicker together with was oft quicker inward full general purpose too.

Sadly, it doesn’t await similar Windows 10 volition receive got whatsoever especially large improvements inward this area, but volition instead construct on the foundations already set past times Windows 8. It’s 1 of the few areas where Windows 8 tin claim parity amongst the novel OS.

Final Thoughts
It truly wasn’t much of a competition. All the mistakes that Microsoft could make, it had already made amongst Windows 8 together with Windows 10 has solely improved things inward our experience,

Is Windows 10 perfect? No. But is it the improve selection if you’re thinking of buying a novel version of Windows inward the nigh future? No. Windows 10 has proved that it's a non serious footstep forrad from Windows 8.