Download The Novel Android Marshmallow Wallpapers Here

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has simply been annouced, together with the 3rd iteration of the Android K developer preview can now be installed on compatible devices. Google has likewise delivered unopen to novel Android Marshmallow wallpapers, which you tin download right here.

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You volition uncovering a full of nine wallpapers inwards the package, including several from Google Earth, a handful of landscapes together with unopen to apartment graphic designs (which are my favorites). If yous desire to cash inwards one's chips the Android Marshmallow hold back now, simply download the nix file below to your calculator together with unzip it to find the wallpapers.
Copy them onto your Android device, or shipping them inwards an electronic mail together with relieve onto your handset, together with they volition together with thence look inwards your gallery. Open the wallpaper yous desire to role alongside your preferred motion-picture demo viewing app (photos, album, gallery, whichever) together with fix it every bit the wallpaper.

How produce yous similar the novel Android Marshmallow wallpapers? Let us know inwards the comments below.