Tips For Verifying Spider Web Site

You blueprint in addition to railroad train a website merely how would you lot know if you lot conduct maintain set all the HTML syntax inward a right way. Most browsers produce non complain against your incorrect syntax, merely wrong is wrong.
There are many SEO experts who claim that SEO is non theme on site HTML/XHTML verification. But nosotros volition beak over diverse reasons why your site should hold upward W3C Compliance.

Why HTML/XHTML Verification is Required?


There are diverse reasons to verify your website earlier hosting it over the internet.
  • Any webpage lineament depends on how good you lot conduct maintain written your webpage.It should hold upward syntactically right in addition to should exceed all the Quality Gates.
  • When whatever search engine does indexing for your spider web page content, it mightiness larn confused if the HTML tags are non written properly, in addition to much of the spider web page content mightiness non hold upward indexed properly.
  • There mightiness hold upward many HTML tags, which you lot are using inward your webpage merely in addition to then conduct maintain been depreciated in addition to many of the search engines produce non back upward them.
  • Consistency, HTML Code Beauty, Process Compliance are ever appreciated past times goodness webmasters.

What is W3C Compliance?

W3C is the WWW Consortium in addition to since 1994, the W3C has provided the guidelines past times which, websites in addition to webpages should hold upward structured in addition to created. Here are the links to validate your spider web pages:
While verification, you lot may larn errors along amongst appropriate reasons. All the validations volition hold upward done using XHTML DTD, which is a refined version of HTML.

Rules for W3C Compliance

There next rules, are to hold upward next spell developing a webpage.
  • Use XHTML annunciation statements to initiative of all every XHTML page:
  • Every tag must hold upward closed.
  • The caput in addition to trunk tags are instantly mandatory.
  • Empty tags larn a terminating slash. An empty tag is a tag that doesn't demand an destination tag. Examples include
    in addition to
      is instantly   />. 
    is instantly
    />. SRC="--"> is instantly src="--" />
  • All tags must hold upward lower-case. This does non apply to attributes, solely tags. For example, both of these formats are acceptable nether the XHTML DTD:
     color="#ffffcc"> is invalid  color="#ffffcc"> is valid  color="#FFFFCC"> is too valid
  • All the attribute values should hold upward set amongst inward double quotes.
  • Tags may non hold upward nested.
This is invalid Text This is valid
  • The
     tag should non contain: img, object, big, small, sub, or sup.
  • One
    tag cannot hold upward within to a greater extent than or less other tag.
  • If your code contains a &, it must hold upward written every bit &.
  • Any role of CSS should role all lower-case letter.