Anker Eufycam E 1080P Surveillance Camera: 12-Month Battery Life & Nas Support

- April 27, 2018
Unless you're a serious do-it-yourself somebody who likes identify diy projects, create y'all actually desire to drill a 7/8-inch hole to mountain a safety camera?
Wireless systems give y'all the liberty of existence able to identify them anywhere without having to crawl into an attic, finding outlets together with running cords.
This is item truthful if y'all are setting upward a wireless dwelling safety organisation that allows multiple cameras such every bit the Anker eufyCam eastward Homebase eastward kit which allows a massive of sixteen cameras, all cameras existence 1080p wireless safety cameras amongst 140-degrees broad lens together with 7.5 meter viewing distance (how far the eufyCam eastward tin see).
The Anker eufyCam eastward safety photographic tv set camera organisation plant via a hub unit of measurement (called Homebase E) which connects to your dwelling Internet router via the included Ethernet cable together with it's powered via an included 12V/2A ability adapter.
The Homebase eastward unit of measurement has a 300ft make inwards direct line of sight but trouble solid walls severely weaken the wireless range. Eufy is planning to release a Wifi make extender inwards the side yesteryear side 2 months so it volition live interesting to encounter how much of a boost it gives the Homebase eastward unit.
The Homebase eastward unit of measurement is needed inwards social club for the eufyCam eastward safety organisation to operate so the cameras cannot connect straight to a dwelling WiFi network.
The Homebase eastward unit of measurement sends together with receives dot from the cameras together with stores the recorded footage on a 16GB microSD card, which is also included. There is no backup battery within the Homebase eastward unit of measurement which way the eufyCam eastward cannot proceed operating during a ability outage; thus the eufyCam eastward isn't completely self sufficient from a trouble solid ability supply.
infrared leds on either side of the lens amongst condition led on bottom
Having a safety photographic tv set camera organisation is no dubiety a worthy investment but having to pay for storage to salve the recorded footage is definitely a huge drawback. This is where the Anker eufyCam eastward wireless photographic tv set camera kit outsmarts the contest yesteryear charging no monthly fees for storage usage together with offering NAS (Network-attached Storage) support.

You tin have got all the recorded videos from a specific photographic tv set camera saved to a NAS every bit long every bit your NAS supports RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) protocol and, every bit long every bit the eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera is operating (i.e. when watching a alive flow or when the photographic tv set camera is recording after detecting an event). If the photographic tv set camera is inwards standby mode, no video streams are saved to NAS.
If your NAS supports RTSP, all y'all demand to create is enable NAS RTSP Stream from the eufy Security app together with select a specific photographic tv set camera that y'all desire to flow to. Having NAS is non required for eufyCam eastward to operate but they come upward handy to have got because the eufyCam eastward cameras are high resolution/high-definition cameras using 1920 x 1080 pixels so the size of the storage information volition live high.

sync/alarm clit to manually connect to the cameras together with plough off alert siren
The Homebase eastward that comes amongst the eufyCam eastward includes 2 cameras but tin back upward up to sixteen cameras. If y'all are serious close surveillance recording, you'll most probable larn to a greater extent than than 2 eufyCam eastward cameras so it's a practiced thought looking into Network Video Recorders (NVRs) instead of NAS because NAS devices require that y'all have got a licence for each connected camera. Most NAS vendors offering gratis licenses for upward to 2 cameras so if y'all desire to add together a tertiary or quaternary eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera afterwards on, y'all would demand to purchase extra licences.
indoor eufyCam eastward twenty-four sixty minutes menstruation fourth dimension footage
With an NVR organisation no licences are required; however, NVRs operate based on give away of channels so if y'all where to purchase an 8-channel NVR for 8 eufyCam eastward cameras together with afterwards desire to add together 2 to a greater extent than cameras y'all would have got purchase some other NVR system.
indoor eufyCam eastward nighttime fourth dimension footage
With a NAS, y'all alone have got to purchase novel licenses which may workout cheaper. Overall, NAS systems have got an border over NVR systems because of the file administration together with sharing capabilities of a NAS together with its individual secure cloud based environment.
day fourth dimension footage outdoors
Video lineament is some other of import characteristic amongst whatever safety organisation so it's overnice that the Anker eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera is able to monitor together with tape inwards Full hard disk 1080p resolution twenty-four sixty minutes menstruation together with nighttime cheers to built-in nighttime vision technology.
night fourth dimension footage outdoors
The eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera lenses actually create a practiced task at delivering a sudden painting present cheers to the built-in Sony Exmor sensor together with large f2.2 aperture, which is the same aperture y'all larn amongst the Huawei Mate 20 Pro together with iPhone XS phones. The Sony A5000 camera uses a Sony Exmor sensor.
2 way beak speaker holes
As far every bit smart features, the eufyCam eastward Homebase eastward doesn't include AI facial recognition but does include notifications for displace events together with other slap-up features similar 2-way beak together with 9-meter displace detection range. To enable 2-way talk, y'all precisely press together with concord the microphone icon on the eufy app. The other icons y'all encounter on the inwards a higher identify paradigm are start/stop video recording, screenshot capture, 2-way talk, together with mute volume.
When displace is detected, y'all have a prompt alert to your smartphone amongst a video clip of what the photographic tv set camera saw yesteryear whatever triggered the camera's displace detection every bit it happened. The displace detection is pretty accurate but accuracy depends on the size, angle together with speed of the subject.
The two-way beak characteristic way y'all could role the eufyCam eastward every bit a 2-way beak babe monitor every bit this characteristic turns the eufyCam into essentially a 2 way radio similar a walkie-talkie.
EufyCam E's 2 way communication is clear but since it uses wireless, instead of radio frequency y'all larn some delay the farther the cameras are from the Homebase eastward unit.
The eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera has a built-in alert siren sounder that is triggered yesteryear the built-in accelerometer when someone tries to yank the cameras.
You tin trigger the alert manually together with so tin y'all trigger the Homebase internal alert which is much louder than the eufyCam eastward camera's alert module.
The alert siren audio is fairly loud (100-decibels) but don't await it to live every bit loud every bit a edifice intruder burglar alarm. If y'all innovation to role the magnetic mount, it would live wise to mountain the eufyCam eastward cameras indoors or higher upward outdoors to avoid the photographic tv set camera existence easily reached.
If the cameras were to live stolen together with the somebody attempted to role them, you could in all probability track/geolocate them since the Homebase eastward unit of measurement has its ain Mac address.
foam prophylactic base
reset clit pinhole
The eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera battery life is rated at 365 days lifespan (3 years on standby) on i unmarried total accuse based on i photographic tv set camera recording 10 videos a day, lasting thirty seconds each. Combining the 2 cameras this would equal 20 videos a day, lasting thirty seconds each.
The included 16GB microSD carte du jour that comes amongst Anker's eufyCam eastward Homebase eastward (model T8002) is able to store 1 year’s worth of recording footage every bit long every bit it's 10 videos a twenty-four sixty minutes menstruation lasting thirty seconds each; thus amongst 2 cameras the 16GB microSD carte du jour would alone live able to store 6 months of recorded footage.
Luckily, the microSD carte du jour slot on the Homebase eastward unit of measurement supports Class 10 microSD cards upward to 128GB so a carte du jour of this size would able to shop for a whole twelvemonth for 80 videos a day, lasting thirty seconds each. The Homebase eastward unit of measurement measures 13cm tall, 13cm long together with 6cm thick, together with weighs 343 grams (20 grams less than the camera).
If the battery cells within the eufyCam eastward cameras are anything similar the batteries y'all larn in Anker external battery packs then the eufyCam eastward is onto a certain winner. Just similar amongst machine batteries, the colder it is the quicker battery accuse gets depleted; thus eufyCam E's claim of 12-month battery life volition depend also on the temperature of the location where the eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera is installed.
From left to right, the buttons/ports on the Homebase eastward unit of measurement include refresh button, DC input, PowerIQ USB port, RJ45 Ethernet port together with microSD carte du jour slot. You tin recharge the eufyCam eastward cameras via the Homebase eastward unit of measurement together with a mains electrical socket. 
neat way to fast accuse your telephone too
On the dorsum of the Homebase eastward unit of measurement at that spot is an Anker PowerIQ USB port which delivers fast charging when using the included 1.5 meter long charging cable which is an AWM Style 2725 30V VW-1 USB Type Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to microUSB cable. 
The PowerIQ USB port outputs 5V/2A together with 9V/2A. You tin also recharge the cameras using a regular 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB wall charger (not included).
Each eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera weighs 364 grams which is fairly weighty but together with then again, each photographic tv set camera has built-in to them a 7.4V 6700mAh Li-ion non-removable battery.
Being non-removable way y'all volition have got to have got the cameras downwardly from wherever y'all create them to recharge them via the micro USB port on the dorsum of the photographic tv set camera which is protected yesteryear a white prophylactic grommet.
Whether removable or non-removable, most batteries tin live replaced at the terminate of their useful life. Should the batteries top away faulty and/or halt asset proper charge, y'all volition ever live able to attain out to Eufy Life. They also offering 30-day money-back guarantee should y'all desire to render the production for whatever reason.
Considering the long battery life of the eufyCam eastward cameras, y'all won't have got to bargain amongst the inconvenience of regularly having to recharge batteries. In fact, if y'all hand to have got a portable ability bank laying unopen to y'all won't have got to fifty-fifty have got the cameras downwardly every bit you'll live able to temporarily hang it side yesteryear side to the cameras spell they're charging.
You are also able to monitor battery accuse via the Eufy Security mobile app, which is compatible amongst iOS together with Android devices.
magnetic mountain weighs 34 grams
Two types of wall mounts are included inwards the box, both of which larn inwards slowly to seat the cameras on whatever vertical surface cheers to the foam-rubber backing on the mounts.
screw-in mountain weighs 62 grams
You larn a 1.8-inch dome yesteryear 1.3-inch tall magnetic base of operations together with a 2.3-inch-tall screw-in base of operations that has a 2.1-inch-square bottom. The hardware for mounting the cameras is also included.
The magnetic connecter betwixt the magnetic mountain together with the photographic tv set camera is actually rigid together with secure. It takes quite a flake of forcefulness to manually take the magnetic connecter yesteryear mitt which is overnice reassurance that the photographic tv set camera volition non split from the magnetic mountain fifty-fifty nether heavy gusts of wind.
After downloading the eufy Security app, y'all precisely signup for an concern human relationship together with follow the on-screen prompts.
The Homebase eastward unit of measurement has to live added get-go inwards social club to add together the eufyCam eastward cameras. If the eufyCam eastward app is non finding the Homebase eastward unit of measurement or eufyCam eastward camera, y'all volition demand to wake them up.
To create this on the Homebase eastward unit, y'all demand to press the sync/alarm off clit on top; spell on the photographic tv set camera y'all press the white "sync" clit on the dorsum of the camera.
You tin manually adjust the length of the footage recorded betwixt five seconds together with 120 seconds together with customize displace detection triggered interval betwixt 0 seconds (minimum delay) together with sixty seconds (maximum delay); thus y'all tin delay how long should the eufyCam eastward photographic tv set camera waits earlier it detects displace again.
The eufy Security app doesn't have got a characteristic that allows y'all to reset the unit of measurement dorsum to mill settings but y'all tin delete all information from the eufyCam yesteryear removing it from the app together with uninstalling the app from your phone. Alternatively, y'all tin precisely format the micro SD carte du jour from the eufy Security app.
The eufyCam eastward surveillance photographic tv set camera system doesn't currently back upward Google Assistant but supports Alexa AI vocalisation assistant amongst Amazon devices similar the Echo Show smart speaker together with covert together with the Fire TV digital media musician so y'all tin enquire Alexa to clit upward a alive flow from those devices to encounter what’s happening.
If y'all are looking for a alive streaming dwelling safety photographic tv set camera that y'all tin role outdoor too, the eufyCam eastward is worth a 2d aspect because of its IP65 rating so it tin handgrip all weather condition together with temperature changes betwixt -4°F (-20°C) together with 122°F (50°C).

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