Brainwavz Hm100 Vintage Fashion Studio Headphones

- April 28, 2018
Studio monitor headphones are the perfect tool for good monitoring as well as they tin brand you lot heed to music you lot never idea you lot would revisit!
Compared to most studio monitor headphones, the Brainwavz HM100 stand upwardly out from the crowd amongst their vintage await as well as huge earcups housing 52 mm dynamic drivers amongst 64 ohms rated impedance, making the Brainwavz HM100 medium/low impedance headphones.
If you lot are into everything retro, you lot volition similar the await of the Brainwavz HM100 polished forest finish, metallic accents as well as leather-trims. The HM100 headphones are real retro as well as beautiful to await at.
The HM100 headphones are good seat together without whatever components existence out of alignment although the purpose of plastic stuff for the structure of parts of the headband as well as hinges lessens its overall premium build.
4-inch broad earcups
Fortunately, the Brainwavz HM100 exercise come upwardly amongst a difficult vanquish zipper illustration amongst inner protective foam that securely shelters the HM100 headphones during transportation.
During normal purpose at domicile or inward a studio, it's worth using a headphone hanger for temporary storing the HM100 headphones.
The Hengja headphone hanger pictured does non come upwardly included amongst the Brainwavz HM100 headphones but it makes for a peachy headphone accessory to convey because it tin live adjusted 2 ways.
You tin convey the Hengja headphone hanger adjusted horizontally on a desk and/or vertically on a bookshelf panel.
Considering the Hegja hanger relatively depression price, the structure of the headphone hanger is excellent.
The Hengja headphone hanger is made only of metal. The bracket trunk as well as headphone back upwardly are made of dark anodized aluminum patch the securing screw bolt is made of silvery anodized aluminum. The overall experience lineament of the Hengja headphone hanger is premium as well as durable.
Adjusting the Hengja headphone hanger is slow equally good as well as done amongst the included allen key/screwdriver tool. The allen telephone commutation side of the tool loosens the allen bolt screw that secures the bracket then you lot tin adjust the hanger from landscape to portrait mode.
The screwdriver side of the tool allows you lot to screw as well as uncrew the retaining bolt that secures the Hengja headphone hanger to whatever surface.
It's prissy that the inner side of ane side of the bracket features a sparse layer of foam for additional travelling steal when the Hengja hanger is attached to a vertical surface.
Coming dorsum to the Brainwavz HM100 headphones, the good lineament is fantabulous amongst a broad frequency reply make (10 Hz forty KHz) as well as neutral good signature then the HM100 headphones good just similar the dot fed into them.
Being closed-back, they don't leak out vibrations as well as supply superb isolation from the the world some you lot then you lot tin deeply immerse yourself into your music.
The earcups are oversized but you lot larn fantabulous ear clearance for those amongst the largest of ears. You tin swivel the earcups left as well as correct as well as upwardly as well as down.
The HM100 stock earpads are made comfy cushiony foam that is covered amongst existent chocolate-brown leather. The spare span of dark earpads are made of stuff materials that await similar velvet but it's inward fact made of stretchy dark velour knit stuff which is the same velour stuff used inward photography backdrops.
3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter bundled in

color coded plug sockets
3.5 mm golden plated plugs
It's prissy that 2 sets of cabling are included. One cable is a 1.3-meter long detachable cable amongst color coded plugs as well as security sleeve, as well as the other cable is a 3-meter long detachable cable amongst braided sleeve as well as marked L as well as R plugs.
Being able to direct from 2 sets of cables way you lot tin purpose the the shorter 1.3 meter long Pb amongst a domicile Hifi setup as well as the longer 3 meter long Pb for studio as well as DJ setting.

While the HM100 are well-nigh on the scale of "high impedance" headphones, they only convey a 64 ohms impedance rating which is relatively depression impedance when compared to 300 ohm as well as 600 ohm studio monitor headphones.
High impedance headphones are peachy because they demand less electrical flow then you lot tin plug-in several 300ohm/600ohm headphones without overloading a multi-channel headphone amp as well as clipping the sound.
Because of the depression impedance rating of the HM100 headphones, these headphones are to a greater extent than suited for tracking unmarried sessions than for monitoring a recording amongst 3 or to a greater extent than musicians through a headphone monitor mix.
While the HM100 headphones are depression impedance headphones they exercise convey high sensitivity (96 dB +/-3dB at 1 mW) which is peachy because you lot tin purpose a portable bluetooth headphone amp solution such equally the BTR1kES100, and BTR3 to clear upwardly the good as well as boost the mass without distortions.
These headphone amplifiers (amps) mentioned are capable of driving upwardly to 300ohm headphones; soundless amongst depression impedance, depression sensitivity headphones these headphone amps (and most amps really) would contend then high sensitivity headphones (over 95dB) are ever a plus.
As far equally frequency response, the greater the frequency make the amend the headphones are for studio monitoring. Most studio monitors tin reproduce lows inward the make of 10 Hz to highs inward the make of forty kHz.
Warranty Card (24 calendar month warranty)

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