Knops Adjustable Book Ear Plugs

The Knops adjustable book ear plugs receive got a rather peculiar blueprint reminiscent of a gramophone cone in addition to stretched lobe earrings rolled into one!
The gramophone torso of Knops is made of thermoplastic, spell the book band is made of stainless steel. Knops tin live washed yesteryear rinsing them nether running mutual frigidity water.
Knops ear plugs run on the same regulation every bit analog hearing aids every bit inwards they grip incoming sounds. The departure though is that instead of amplifying sounds similar almost analog hearing aids, Knops decreases audio without the purpose of electronics.
There is no microphone, amplifier or speaker built-in to Knops because Knops doesn't cancel sounds similar a duad of racket cancellation headphones.
Knops adjusts the book of sounds inwards 3 increments of racket reduction so wearing Knops inwards your ears is similar having 3 pairs of racket reduction earplugs inwards i compact solution.
Internally, Knops features acoustically-tuned filters so yous tin conform the racket reduction of Knops from 10dB, 20dB in addition to 30dB, all from the comfort of your ears in addition to at the affect of a command knob built some the band of Knops. Each earpiece plant independently; hence so yous tin command the book independently from each ear. You tin also plow the book knob all the agency so yous tin bespeak heed without restrictions.
minus (volume down) in addition to addition (volume up) symbols
As far every bit fit, Knops receive got an in-ear jibe so they jibe within the ear canal snugly similar a regular duad of earphones via ear tips. There are tiny delineate plugs behind the earpieces which helps continue Knops securely inwards the ears. Each ear plug weights x grams.
Included alongside Knops are a alternative of 2 sets of triple-flange ear tips in addition to 3 sets of foam ear tips.
Those familiar alongside lobe gauging or stretched ear lobes volition run across the similarities betwixt the Knops adjustable book ear plugs and stretched lobe earrings which native tribes some the globe such every bit the renowned Maasai tribes of Republic of Kenya wearable every bit business office of their culture.
Having stretched lobes has instantly larn business office of urban fashion mode too. That's for sure i primary selling betoken of Knops because of Knops stylish in addition to trendy design. Coupled that alongside Knops simple, soundless clever racket cancelling acoustic in addition to at that spot yous honor the appeal of Knops .
Knops practise stick out of the ears, but in addition to then in i lawsuit again so practise almost hearing aids which come upward alongside a negative social stigma attached.
Knops blueprint makes a fashion contestation in addition to that's e'er a adept affair when selling a production because something stylish in addition to "cool" is e'er socially accepted.
You won't experience weird wearing Knops ear plugs if yous are heavy mechanism operator or inwards a crowd doing a mosh pit at a stone concert.
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