Lomo Thirty Litre Waterproof Curlicue Peak Daysack

- April 30, 2018
Waterproofing is ever a bonus specially somewhere similar the U.K. where you lot tin dismiss teach caught inward pelting at whatever moment!
Whether you lot cycle commute, motorbike commute or kayak commute to work, you demand something to comport your materials that is reliable to expire along your gear dry. The Lomo xxx litre drybag daysack is upward to the undertaking so it definitely fits the bill!
The Lomo xxx litre drybag daysack tin dismiss concur gloves, a helmet, a jacket, gym gear too other bits too bobs cheers to its fairly large oral fissure opening.
The oral fissure of the pocketbook is only about 30cm inward diameter too has a coil top blueprint so you lot tin dismiss coil downward the top of the pocketbook to size.
The Lomo xxx litre drybag daysack has shoulder straps similar a backpack but it doesn't convey the structure of backpack; so the Lomo drybag doesn't concur sort when it's a chip empty.
As mentioned before though, you lot convey the coil top characteristic that allows you lot to coil the top too clip it inward house via 2 adjustable side buckle clips.
When fully opened, the Lomo daysack dimensions are 71cm high too 56cm high when closed. The width is 29cm amongst a 27cm depth. Total weight is 900 grams.
Speaking of the shoulder straps, they convey thick padding amongst breathable mesh, every bit good every bit other non bad features that you lot would honour inward a hiking pack.
Hiking pack features include passthrough loops too the useful sternum (chest) strap to forestall the shoulder straps from separating.
the breast strap tin dismiss hold upward adjusted upward too downward for comfortable positioning
The Lomo xxx litre drybag besides has an adjustable waist strap too 2 split sections of padding on the back, top too bottom.
1-inch thick breathable dorsum padding
there is a rubberized comport grip on top of the Lomo xxx litre drybag
Inside the Lomo 30L Drybag Daysack is only a manifestly compartment without whatever padding. There isn't whatever pockets, laptop compartment or whatever hooks similar you lot would honour inward a typical backpack but too so again, the Lomo xxx liter rucksack is only a drybag.
There is a front-facing semi-dry zipper compartment amongst splash proof zipper that is handy for keeping items that you lot demand access to frequently.
Radio frequency welding (dialetric welding/ high frequency) is used inward the making of the Lomo xxx litre drybag so at that spot is no stitching.
High frequency welding is an interesting sewing technique that is truly used for many things nosotros piece of occupation similar umbrellas, inflatable toys, stickers too raincoats.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 high frequency welder machine basically welds the seams together without stitching; so it's the perfect sewing technique for a PVC waterproof pocketbook similar the Lomo xxx Litre waterproof coil top daysack.

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