Mu Pattern Ulo Owl Photographic Television Camera Setup Review

- April 29, 2018
Ulo the Owl is a quirky surveillance photographic tv set camera that breaks the mould from the residue past times redesigning the concept of what a surveillance photographic tv set camera is supposed to hold off like.
Ulo's peculiar looks coupled amongst clever functionality makes Ulo standout from the crowd of safety cameras in addition to inwards a proficient way!
At starting fourth dimension glance, you lot won't live able to spot Ulo's photographic tv set camera in addition to that is because the 2 megapixel safety photographic tv set camera inwards Ulo is non integrated inwards Ulo's owl eyes but inwards the shiny beak.
Ulo's shiny neb is where the motility sensor photographic tv set camera in addition to built-in microphone are also integrated. The shiny neb doubles every bit a nifty two-way mirror that gives Ulo 120 degrees champaign of view.
Ulo's eyes are truly 2 sentinel size lcd screens (1.36-inch lcd screens amongst 220x220 resolution) for displaying Ulo's diverse optic animations which is a huge selling call for for Ulo because of the "cuteness" factor.
From the Ulo app, you lot tin arrange Ulo's educatee size, iris size in addition to modify Ulo's iris color in addition to optic reflection.
The top of the caput of Ulo integrates a capacitive acquit on push spell on the bottom, Ulo features a magnet.

cooling vents on bottom
Included amongst Ulo is a neodymium magnet amongst 3m adhesive backing to stick it on a wall. When joined to Ulo, the neodymium magnet creates a really rigid magnetic connection.
The dorsum of Ulo features a micro USB charging port in addition to a modest opening to pry opened upwards Ulo inwards one-half in addition to gain access to the battery compartment which takes iii rechargeable NiMH batteries LR06 amongst a minimum of 1900 mA.
The mac address is written on the top underside of Ulo where you lot also discover what looks similar a 3.5mm sound plug but it isn't.
The plug connects the top one-half of ulo (the brain) to the bottom one-half of Ulo which powers Ulo. Speaking of half, Ulo's torso tin twist approximately 360 degrees in addition to therefore you lot tin seat Ulo at whatsoever angle when stuck on a wall.
Internally, Ulo features an accelerometer, a bluetooth module, a Wifi module in addition to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 Series (APQ8009) SoC processor, which is the same SoC (system-on-a-chip) constitute inwards the Nokia 2 in addition to therefore Ulo's encephalon speed has a clock charge per unit of measurement of upwards to 1.3 GHz.
As far every bit memory, Ulo possess 1GB of RAM in addition to 8GB of EMMC internal storage which tin live expanded via the built-in microSD carte du jour slot which supports exclusively shape 10 retention cards upwards to 128GB. As always, recall FAT32 formatting if you lot are using a 64GB microSD carte du jour or higher.
EMMC storage is the same type of retention storage you lot teach far retention cards in addition to therefore when you lot setup Ulo you lot won't receive got to worry nearly erasing the settings when removing the batteries which, past times the way, are non included.
Ulo's torso structure is made of ABS-PC plastics in addition to measures 9cm tall in addition to 9cm inwards diameter. Ulo weighs 237 grams (with batteries) in addition to therefore Ulo weighs every bit much every bit the Xiaomi Mi smartphone.

Ulo charging
Without batteries, Ulo weighs 120 grams in addition to tin truly live powered without batteries when using the included micro USB charging cable.
There are 2 ways to connect to Ulo via Cloud Access or Direct Access. Both ways are proficient options but connecting direct to Ulo agency your data/information is kept within Ulo rather than stored in Mu Design's remote cloud server.
Also, when connected to Ulo via Direct Access you lot tin nevertheless access Ulo remotely, anywhere inwards the globe which is primarily the principal exercise goodness of Cloud Access in addition to therefore from that stand upwards call for Direct Access seems the meliorate selection because it gives you lot command of your data/information.
Setting upwards Ulo is straight forrad but live aware that Ulo operates on the 2.4Ghz band in addition to therefore Ulo is exclusively compatible amongst 2.4Ghz routers. If you lot receive got a dual band (2.4Ghz in addition to 5Ghz) router, you lot volition involve to switch off the 5Ghz band past times going into the network settings of your router. The steps to setting upwards Ulo are every bit follows:

1) Power on Ulo in addition to connect your telephone to Ulo's wifi hotspot

2) Download in addition to opened upwards Ulo app.  in addition to therefore the app tin discover your Ulo. When the Ulo app finds your Ulo, select it (you volition come across your Ulo amongst a mac address beneath it).

3) Follow Ulo app's prompts. Place Ulo upside down, select your province in addition to displace into your router's wifi settings but earlier you lot exercise brand certain to connect your telephone to your router network again.

4) Select "new" setup method

5) Complete novel administrator details. When entering the password, brand certain you lot displace into 1 of the exceptional characters (!@#$%^&*) in addition to a reveal in addition to therefore you lot won't teach "password" mistake message.

6) The adjacent prompt volition give an selection to croak on Ulo correct side up to access Ulo or to croak on Ulo upside downward to consummate to a greater extent than administrator settings.

7) Manually Bluetooth pair Ulo amongst your telephone past times going to your phone's bluetooth settings in addition to selecting W06S#***** (Ulo's bluetooth name). 

8) After completing the administrator settings, closed the Ulo app in addition to opened upwards it in 1 trial to a greater extent than in addition to therefore a local IP address volition live automatically generated for Ulo. Make a banking concern bill of Ulo's local IP address from the ulo app in addition to therefore you lot tin access Ulo remotely via a desktop computer.

From the administrator settings of Ulo app, you lot tin also create novel users to grant them privileges to persuasion your photos in addition to videos.

The motility detection sensor built-in to Ulo tin also live tweaked from the Ulo app via a setting called, Detection Exclusion, which lets the motility detection sensor know where to notice in addition to where non to notice in addition to therefore it volition non trigger the alert, which tin also live disabled from the app.

Speaking of alerts, when Ulo detects motility it sends warning notifications via e-mail but earlier Ulo tin shipping you lot notifications, you lot involve to consummate the Email Settings past times entering the SMTP server in addition to SMTP port of your preferred e-mail address.
If you lot receive got a gmail address, you lot volition involve to displace into in addition to SMTP port 465. If you lot receive got an Outlook address, the SMTP server is in addition to the SMTP port is 587.
There are iii operating modes for Ulo. Standard mode, Spy way in addition to Alert way which you lot select from the Ulo app. Standard way is the default in addition to inwards this way Ulo does non tape but the lcd hide eyes are on showing Ulo is awake.
Spy way in addition to Alert way are the recording modes where Ulo records every motion amongst the exclusively divergence existence inwards warning way Ulo is asleep (lcd hide eyes turned off), spell inwards Spy way Ulo Owl is awake.
While 1080p resolution (full HD) is the electrical flow holy grail of high Definition TV, Ulo's 720p recording resolution is nevertheless high Definition (standard HD). The principal divergence betwixt 1080p in addition to 720p recording is inwards the viewing on a TV.
You tin persuasion a 1080p recording inwards high character on a 44-inch hide size TV, whereas the maximum TV hide size you lot tin persuasion a 720p recording inwards high character is 32-inches. This is because 1080p cameras receive got twice the pixel resolution (2.07 MP) of 720p cameras (0.92 MP).
box contents (batteries non included)

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