Rha S500 Ultra Small-Scale Micro Driver Earphones

- April 26, 2018
Trying to larn earphones that good in addition to tally comfortably tin live sometimes daunting especially when you lot possess got in addition to so many choices in addition to and so picayune time.
If you lot haven't tried micro driver earphones before, it's worth taking a minute await at a duo of ultra pocket-sized inwards ear headphones such equally the S500 earphones past times RHA Audio which deliver practiced good at a reasonable price!
These picayune gems are constructed from unmarried tiny narrow pieces of brushed aluminum metallic in addition to thick prophylactic strain reliefs, which brand the S500 earphones rugged in addition to lightweight.The S500 metallic trunk seems to live carved out of the same aluminum degree seen on the MA750 wireless, MA390 Universal and MA650 wireless.

The RHA S500 are really compact earphones indeed, amongst ultra pocket-sized driver housing, standard 1cm long in addition to 0.5cm broad that tally extremely good inwards the ears.
Because the S500 don't stick out of the ears in addition to weigh simply 13.5 grams, they are deceptively comfortable, making them a perfect selection for commuting past times educate to operate or getting out in addition to most amongst friends.
3.5mm gilt plated connector
The RHA S500 earphone cable is long in addition to rather unique inwards construction, featuring braided nylon cloth on the bottom one-half in addition to TPE (rubberized plastic) for the upper one-half of the cable running from the mic/remote upward to the driver enclosures.
The built-in microphone doesn't characteristic dissonance cancellation technology scientific discipline but offers over practiced character amongst decent amplification.
Aside from styling the cable, the braided cloth used on the bottom one-half of the S500 cable has a useful role of reducing cable noise.
cinch slider included
The RHA S500 single-button remote plant cross platform in addition to so it's compatible amongst both android devices in addition to apple tree devices in addition to their respective digital vocalization assistants.
The unmarried push clitoris operates the digital assistant, also equally pause/play, skip tracks (forward/backward) in addition to accept/reject calls. There is no book command alternative though.
Given the pocket-sized size of the enclosures, each enclosure inwards the the RHA S500 uses a custom 140.1 driver which is a unmarried dynamic micro driver amongst a surprising broad soundstage frequency answer betwixt xvi Hz in addition to 22kHz in addition to so you lot larn enough of bass in addition to enough of treble.
While the soundstage is pretty practiced in addition to the depression impedance (16 ohms) helps driving the S500 really easily from a mobile device, the headphone sensitivity across the frequency answer averages 80dB which is depression sensitivity; thence the RHA S500 aren't peculiarly loud.
RHA S500 accessories
Accessories included amongst the RHA S500 micro driver earphones include half dozen opaque pairs of silicone tips, 1 opaque duo of double flange silicone tips, shirt clip, drawstring meshing pouch, user manual in addition to three years warranty, which is pretty impressive for budget earphones inwards this cost range.


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