Roccat Khan Aimo 7.1 High Resolution Rgb Gaming Headset

- April 29, 2018
For the glory of Thundera! Die difficult fans who are onetime plenty to recollect ThunderCats volition honour the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset a rattling interesting suggestion because of its oculus catching truthful cat logo reminiscent of the catlike humanoids from ThunderCats.
Design is everything when it comes to marketing a production as well as ROCCAT manages to practise that beautifully yesteryear making their truthful cat logo as well as ROCCAT lettering rattling imposing.
The Khan AIMO headset over the ear pads as well as caput padding characteristic retentiveness foam padding covered yesteryear soft leather-like material. The ear pads accept an inch depth to accommodate sizeable ears.
Memory foam on headphone earpads actually amend the comfort sense because it helps dissipate the pull per unit of measurement area from the headband clamping force; thus yous tin laissez passer on notice wearable the Khan AIMO headset over the ears for longer.
The earcups on the Khan AIMO headset tin laissez passer on notice live swiveled inwards 90-degrees as well as so the earcups tin laissez passer on notice live set apartment to minimize harm when non inward use.
braided ii meter long braided cable with USB 2.0 connector
As almost headphones these days, the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset is constructed to a greater extent than frequently than non from thermoplastic which helps to proceed the headset rattling depression weight at 270 grams.
The adjustable headband inward the Khan AIMO  headset is besides made of thermoplastic but features an internal metallic frame.
The nail microphone arm is located on the side of the left earcup as well as field the microphone arm inward the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset is non removable, the microphone arm is bendable as well as tin laissez passer on notice live positioned upward as well as downwardly at whatever angle.
The hinge of the microphone arm besides integrates an automatic mute characteristic which mutes the microphone automatically when lifting the microphone arm all the agency upward ninety degrees.
On the correct earcup of the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset, yous honour a dial for adjusting the book as well as a push clit for turning on as well as off the 7.1 environs good on the fly.
Turning off the 7.1 environs good defaults the good to 2.0 environs good for full general listening which is bang-up as well as so yous don't accept to larn into the ROCCAT Swarm software to tweak this setting.
Speaking of sound, the good character of the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset stands out with the sleak pattern as well as corporation build.
The 50mm neodymium magnet drivers deliver super bass as well as high treble on a broad frequency reply hit between 10Hz as well as 40,000Hz. The high sensitivity (99dB) as well as depression impedance (32 ohms) makes it rattling slow for the internal usb dac 96khz/24-bit amp to live driven to high fidelity.
Both the good as well as RGB lighting tin laissez passer on notice live configured via the ROCCAT Swarm desktop software application as well as so yous tin laissez passer on notice tweak multiple lighting effects, equally good equally synchronize the Khan AIMO headset with other ROCCAT peripherals.
The ROCCAT Swarm software includes several settings similar the good output setting where yous tin laissez passer on notice conduct the sample charge per unit of measurement of the good output from 16-bit as well as 24-bit at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz as well as 96kHz.
The equalizer features 10 good profile presets as well as sliders to manually fine melody the frequency response.
Selecting a genre preset fine tunes the good according to unlike game genres including role-playing game, Massively multiplayer online (MMO), racing as well as action. There is besides a dedicated 10-band bass equalizer as well as yous tin laissez passer on notice customize the equalizer equally good equally the good profile presets to your liking.
Other good preset settings that tin laissez passer on notice live configured via the ROCCAT Swarm software include the environs good as well as the microphone. You tin laissez passer on notice modify from 7.1 environs good to 2.0 environs good which is neat as well as so yous tin laissez passer on notice job the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset equally a proper twain of over the ears headphones peculiarly since the Khan AIMO headset supports how-do-you-do res good codec formats such equally FLAC.
You volition honour yourself non tweaking with the good setting much because the default good sound develop for the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset is good balanced.
There is a main book setting inward ROCCAT Swarm software that lets yous conform the PC book as well as the aeroplane of dissonance cancellation. The microphone settings allow yous to conform the microphone sensitivity, plough on/off dissonance cancellation of the microphone, modify the microphone sample charge per unit of measurement from 44.1kHz as well as 48kHz as well as distort your vocalization via a cool characteristic called Magic Voice.
Being able to upward as well as downwardly the sensitivity gain (max. -40dB) on the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset's microphone is a actually neat characteristic as well as and so is the add-on of a 2.2K OHM electret capsule, which is the same type of crisp as well as clear mic capsule yous brand it condenser microphone podcast. The microphone has high dot (60dB) to depression self dissonance (34dB) ratio.

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