2Breathe Soft-Tones Folding Speaker Cups For Pillows

Wearing over-the-ear headphones when laying on bed is a slap-up means to immerse yourself into a deep, relaxing sleep.
Problem is though, over-the-ear headphones are exclusively comfy when laying on your dorsum because it is extremely uncomfortable sleeping on your side amongst over-the-ears unless yous literary cutting out a hole inwards the middle of your pillow!
Even then, it isn't a expert persuasion wearing over the ears to slumber piece listening to music because yous volition almost probable halt upward rolling on your side anyways, risking breaking them inwards the process.
The in-ear mode headphones are in all likelihood the exclusively viable mode of headphones to vesture piece lying inwards bed too going to slumber because of their modest footprint.
padding is made amongst retentiveness foam
With that said, sleeping amongst in-ears practise come upward amongst risks similar the guide chances of contracting otitis externa where the ear canal gets irritated when the earbud rubs against the ear canal skin.
Luckily, in that place are a few other in-bed listening alternatives similar headband headphones too pillow speakers which is literacy a pillow amongst embedded speakers.
There are likewise other solutions such equally the Resperate Soft Tones folding speaker cups which are a ready of padded, fold-up speakers that yous house on happen of your pillow.
drawstring pouch included for storage too transportation
The payoff of Soft Tones versus a pillow speaker is the modest footprint too convenience of Soft Tones which tin discreetly last carried too deployed anywhere yous desire to instruct for a laydown because of the retentiveness foam padding.

short 3.5 mm well socket cable

Because the Soft Tones speakers are padded amongst retentiveness foam, yous tin truly purpose Soft Tones equally a makeshift pillow for laying your head.
Soft Tones plant fifty-fifty meliorate on happen of a pillow because of its fold-up design. When yous residual your caput Soft Tones literary folds upward roughly the dorsum of your caput lifting too pressing the speakers against your ears always therefore lightly.
Compared to the headband headphone mode which wraps roughly your head, Soft Tones offers the liberty of having zippo attached nor inserted on your ears, making Soft Tones kinder to the ears piece yous sleep.
Soft Tones are wired speakers therefore they plug straight into the 3.5mm plug socket of a phone, mp3 player, tablet or whatsoever other well device amongst 3.5mm well jack.
H5N1 character 1.5-meter well manlike someone to manlike someone cable amongst remote command is included. The remote command features 2 dedicated buttons for book upward too book down.
Overall, the Soft Tones pillow speakers are a comfortable solution for listening to music or podcasts piece laying inwards bed. The book tin last adjusted depression plenty that yous won't disturb someone laying adjacent to yous inwards bed.

removable machine washable Hypoallergenic cover

hidden zipper seam

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