Anchor Cable Fast Charging Steel Cable Amongst Magnetic Interchangeable Connectors

No thing how neatly yous roll upward a charging cable, it inevitably becomes a tangled mess! But, at concluding a charging cable that is genuinely tangle-free. It's called, the Anchor cable past times Anchor Labs!
The Anchor cable is a charging USB cable amongst high lineament steel casing that is impossible to tangle fifty-fifty if yous wanted to.
The Anchor cable is that good made, weighty (50 grams) as well as durable so, it won't live suffering the same fate every bit regular USB security coated cables which eventually stress nearly the plugs causing piteous connectivity betwixt your device as well as the wire.
The Anchor cable uses xviii AWG size copper wire, which is thicker than the measure 28 AWG USB charging cables.  By the way, AWG is the thickness of cable conductor specified past times the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standardized wire estimate system.
The smaller the AWG number, the thicker the wire as well as viceversa (the higher the AWG number, the thinner the wire).
When it comes to USB charging cables, 20 AWG or lower is best for the fastest possible accuse as well as the Anchor xviii AWG cable delivers only that, every bit good every bit high speed charging at 2.4A
H5N1 iv feet long steel casing cable is non the alone groovy characteristic yous instruct amongst the Anchor cable, yous also instruct removable magnetic connector tips too.
You instruct 3 types of neodymium magnetic connector tips. H5N1 USB-C connector tip, a micro USB connector tip as well as a Lightning connector head, all of which attach magnetically to the modest cable plug.
The modest cable plug, every bit good every bit the connector tips are made of steel as well as electroplated with neodymium magnet. The magnet connectors convey a fix polarity as well as therefore when yous endeavour to attach it the incorrect agency around the magnet volition resist.
The magnetic connector tips attach amongst a satisfying 'click' as well as volition concur the 150-gram Archos 50e phone amongst ease.
The magnetic connectedness is pretty rigid but non as well as therefore rigid that yous can't undo it. The magnetic connector tin concur the Archos phone, fifty-fifty spell swinging it around as well as dangling it without detaching from the cable.
Because of the magnetic connection, yous tin instruct out a connector tip embedded inwards the charging port of a detail device without having to constantly take away it.
In fact, that is i of the benefits of the Anchor cable system as well as that is non having to proceed unplugging the cable from the device.
lifetime guarantee
The Anchor cable comes inwards a blister clear overstep packaging amongst moulded foam cardboard tray as well as insert.