Anker Powerport Iv Calorie-Free Multi Device Fast Charging Plug

With battery overcharge protection built-in to smartphones exhibit phones are actually smart! As long equally you lot go a practiced character charger similar the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite you lot tin accuse multiple devices completely security together with continue them plugged inward for extended periods of time.
The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite is a 27W iv USB port wall charger that tin accuse at a maximum of 2.4 amps per USB port. However, since the sum output ability is 27 watts via v voltage, the sum amps to dissever betwixt all iv USB ports is 5.4 amps. 
This means, if you lot were to plug inward 2 devices into the  Anker PowerPort 4 Lite, charging at 2.4A each the other 2 ports would solely accept 0.6 amps available which is non plenty amp ability to accuse a smartphone. 
With 0.6A betwixt 2 ports, you lot are solely able to accuse together with render ability to depression amp devices such equally an Apple sentinel or TV remote. You tin accuse 2 iPhones, an Apple Watch together with an iPad at the same fourth dimension relatively quickly. Anything that charges via USB tin hold upward used alongside the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite. 
british 3-pin plug
Being a fast charger, security is e'er a draw organisation because of possible overheating then it's practiced to know that the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite integrates an eleven signal security protection.
Besides the measure surge protection together with overload protection that you lot would human face from a charger, the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite equally good controls how much voltage together with electrical flow goes inward together with out of the charger, equally good equally automatically matching the right electrical flow to each device connected to the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite.
The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite equally good integrates a really useful over discharge protection that prevents discharging the battery of your charged devices. What this characteristic basically does is trickle charging the battery then it's e'er 100% charged. 
Because overcharge protection is equally good integrated, in 1 lawsuit the battery reaches sum accuse it stops delivering accuse to growth the longevity of the battery. The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite multi device charging plug uses interchangeable UK together with European Union plugs which clip inward together with out. 
The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite is intended for go inside the United Kingdom of Great Britain together with Northern Ireland of Britain together with Northern Republic of Ireland (UK) together with Europe only. As of 2018, at that topographic point is no deviation betwixt the voltage inward the UK together with voltage inward Europe because both voltages were matched to 230 voltage inward 2003. Before 2003, the UK used 240 voltage, spell Europe used 220 voltage. 
While the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite is fast charging, it does non back upward Qualcomm Quick Charge then if you're charging a Qualcomm Quick Charge device, you lot volition non run across the fast charging benefits of Quick Charge when using the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite because inward companionship for Qualcomm Quick Charge to piece of job both the device together with charger must integrate a Quick Charge chip.
With that said, Anker's PowerIQ has similar maximum charging speeds to Qualcomm Quick Charge then PowerIQ is essentially Anker's ain fast charging version of Qualcomm. 
PowerIQ is groovy because it supports devices that aren't supported past times Qualcomm Quick Charge such equally devices alongside MediaTek chips, Apple devices alongside BC1.2 charging, Samsung devices with adaptive fast charging (AFC) together with Huawei devices with FCP charging. 
If you lot excogitation to accuse mostly Qualcomm Quick Charge devices, hold upward aware that charging volition hold upward at normal speeds.