Anker Soundcore Sport Forty Ipx7 Submersible Bluetooth Speaker

Whether dry out province or wetland, yous tin accept the SoundCore Sport XL to the beach, a swimming pool, jacuzzi hot tub in addition to fifty-fifty H2O rafting without worrying close sand, dust in addition to H2O spoiling it!
The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is solidly built similar a tank hence it tin withstand the elements in addition to pretty much anything that yous throw at it thank yous to its durable in addition to fully waterproof construction.
SoundCore Sport XL measures 17.5 cm long x 4.3 broad x 7.8 cm high
Size wise, the SoundCore Boost, Soundcore Motion B and SoundCore 2 but it comes amongst rugged condom housing in addition to IPX7 waterproofing that lets yous submerge the SoundCore Sport XL inwards H2O upward to 1 meter deep.
SoundCore Sport XL weighs 600 grams
As far every bit the good lineament in addition to battery life goes, the Anker SoundCore Sport XL performs really well. You larn a actually big good thank yous to dual 8 watt speakers which output a total of sixteen watts of stereo audio. The bass in addition to treble are superb sounding fifty-fifty at maximum volume. At 80Hz depression in addition to 20kHz treble, the SoundCore Sport XL frequency response attain is really similar to that of the SoundCore Boost.
Charging the SoundCore Sport XL is pretty fast considering the sizeable 5200mAh battery built-in that doubles every bit a handy powerbank to accuse your gadgets at 5V 1A via the USB port on the dorsum of the speaker. 
It takes 3 hours to fully accuse the SoundCore Sport XL when charging via 5V 2A (four hours when charging via 5V 1A) in addition to yous larn a enterprise fifteen hours of battery life.
You volition know total accuse is consummate when all 3 white LEDs plough off
As far every bit user controls, the Anker SoundCore Sport XL has a total of 5 buttons on transcend of the speaker, every bit good every bit 4 minor LEDs amongst the transcend LED beingness the action LED to quest Bluetooth way (wireless audio) in addition to wired way (wired audio).
The play push plays/pauses audio, answers/rejects calls, activates vocalization command assistant in addition to skips good forwards (there is no skip dorsum function). The book buttons are dedicated buttons for turning the book upward in addition to down.
The telephone proper substantive upward treatment characteristic inwards the SoundCore Sport XL is pretty skillful every bit it lets yous also pose a electrical flow telephone proper substantive upward on concur (press play push once) in addition to switch betwixt held telephone proper substantive upward in addition to active telephone proper substantive upward (hold downwards play push for ii seconds).
When initiating Bluetooth pairing mode, the LED volition flash bluish chop-chop in addition to plough enterprise bluish when connected to a device.
micro USB charging cable
When connecting the SoundCore Sport XL to an external good rootage for wired playback the action indicator LED volition flash bluish chop-chop constantly. The good playback is hence command from whichever good rootage yous connect the SoundCore Sport XL speaker to.
If yous don't get got a 3.5 mm good cable laying approximately or involve a longer good cable, yous tin larn a really long, lineament 3.5mm good cable from Anker.
built-in noise-canceling mic.
The other 3 LEDs below the action indicator LED quest the battery level. Three enterprise white LEDS indicates battery accuse betwixt 65% in addition to 100%. Two enterprise white LEDs quest battery marking betwixt 35% in addition to 65%. One enterprise white LED indicates battery marking betwixt 5% in addition to 35%. If all 3 LEDs are off that agency battery marking is less than 5%.
Aside from the SoundCore Sport XL within the box, yous larn also a micro USB charging cable, a layard in addition to user guide.