Antec Razer Cube Mini Itx Example Sum Size Gpu

The reckoner chassis contains close of the primal components of your reckoner together with hence why non larn for a reckoner instance enclosure that looks great, volition final you lot a land together with volition exercise the job?
Take for instance, the Antec Cube reckoner instance designed yesteryear Razer. This Antec Razer themed PC instance manages to live on understated, elegant together with stunning land beingness uncomplicated together with efficient at the same fourth dimension thank you lot to a dedicated basement compartment that makes tardily to create out the ability render unit of measurement (PSU) cabling.
The Antec Cube instance is middle-of-the-road inwards size together with hence you lot larn a compact reckoner chassis without having to hit upwardly inwards performance.
The Antec Cube instance comes amongst internal cabling that consists of a SATA ability connecter to ability the fan hub together with LED low-cal strips lights, a USB 3.0 blueish connector, a hard disk Audio 10-pin connecter together with a power/reset switch connector.

Inside the Cube instance you lot tin stand upwardly for a total size graphics carte du jour upwardly to 350mm inwards length if you lot don't install forepart intake fans together with liquid cooling radiators. If you lot exercise install fans together with a liquid cooling radiator on the forepart together with back, you lot tin stand upwardly for a 210mm-220mm graphics carte du jour on the front. The Cube instance supports liquid cooling radiators on the forepart together with dorsum of the instance (up to 120mm, 140mm,180mm & 240mm for the forepart together with 120mm & 140mm for the back). 
the maximum summit of a CPU cooler you lot tin install is 190 mm
The Cube instance has a shape gene betwixt a mini-ITX instance together with an ATX mini-tower, together with it's designed for a mini ITX (small shape factor) motherboard which are typically 17 cm long together with 17 cm wide. Antec's Razer themed Cube instance measures 36.5cm tall, 25cm broad together with 46cm deep, together with weighs seven kilograms.
On the forepart of the Antec Razer Cube instance you lot larn a Razer light-green LED logo, a microphone jack together with a headphone jack every bit good every bit 2 USB 3.0 ports amongst a Razer light-green accent.
The bottom of the Cube instance features 2 light-green LED strips for underglow lighting which tin live on manually turned off via a small-scale ability push clitoris on the dorsum of the Cube case.
As far every bit Antec Razer's Cube instance cooling arrangement goes, it has an efficient pattern that allows for multiple fans together with cooling radiators to live on installed on the forepart together with dorsum of the unit of measurement to maximize airflow inwards together with out of the case.
On the forepart of the Cube instance you lot tin stand upwardly for 2 small-scale air cooling fans (120mm), or i large enclosure fan (either 140mm or 180mm inwards size).
The dorsum of the Antec Cube ventilation surface area consists of a hex mesh fan hole plate large plenty to stand upwardly for a 120mm enclosure fan. A TrueQuite 120mm light-green LED fan is already supplied together with fitted to the Cube case.
You likewise larn several good made knurled caput phillips pollex screws which are non bad for gaining quick access to the internals of the instance together with hence you lot won't necessitate a man-hunt to detect a phillips screwdriver roughly the house.
Antec's Razer themed Cube instance likewise features a distich of removable dust filters. One dust filter is the PSU air filter which slides out together with it's located inwards forepart of the ability render unit. The other dust filter inwards the Antec Cube instance attaches magnetically betwixt the front hex mesh fan hole plate together with the removable forepart comprehend of the case.
On the dorsum of Antec's Cube instance you lot volition likewise detect 3 PCI slot covers for plumbing equipment 3 PCI carte du jour slots together with a ability render compartment located towards the bottom of the case. 
3.5-inch get bay installed
The ability render cutout is large plenty to stand upwardly for a small-form-factor (SFX) ability render unit of measurement (PSU) that is no wider than 18cm. The motherboard port cutout space, which is likewise located on the dorsum of the Cube case, tin likewise live on used to stand upwardly for i 3.5-inch get bay.
The side panels on the Antec Cube instance characteristic tinted acrylic windows together with a quick free machinery that allows you lot to easily detach the cube instance side panels from the residual of the case.
HDD/SSD mounting brackets
Detaching the side panels reveals the aluminum internal construction of the Cube instance which integrates 4 mounting brackets for 2.5-inch difficult disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD), every bit good every bit a 4-pin PWM connecter board fan hub capable of powering upwardly to 8 4-pin enclosure fans.
Inside the box, you lot likewise larn a user manual together with several bits of hardware including:

flat caput M3 screws 1/4 inch long

case screws

Heatsink Fans Screws

HDD mounting screws

cable ties

fan cables

Razer logo stickers