Cherry Flow 3.0 Scissor-Switch Keyboard Amongst Laser-Etched Keys

What else other than skilful keystroke activity could 1 e'er desire from a keyboard? The Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard is a joy to role addition it's tumble resistant together with thence it delays liquid spills from reaching the electronics of the keyboard together with thence y'all convey plenty fourth dimension to plough the keyboard upside-down to drain the spill.
If you're mortal who likes to consume together with quaff piece on the keyboard, y'all definitely desire a tumble resistant keyboard.
The Stream 3.0 keyboard is a plug together with play soundless keyboard amongst criterion keyboard layout together with half-dozen hot-key actor buttons, which include mute button, book upwards button, book downward button, play/pause button, skip-forward push together with skip-backward button.
blue condition LEDs
The Cherry Stream 3.0 Scissor-Switch keyboard weighs entirely 936 grams together with measures roughly 47.2 cm long, 17.6 cm broad together with 1.8 cm high, making the Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard extremely thin.
The keystroke activity on the Stream 3.0 keyboard is really smooth. It uses SX condom dome switch keys, which is the criterion scissor type switch keys that y'all reveal inwards virtually laptops. This makes the commutation functioning soundless amongst footling strength needed for commutation operation.
The commutation caps are likewise depression profile keys amongst broad inter-key spacing which actually helps amongst typing fast together with prevents dirt from entering betwixt the gaps of the keys.
Having scissor-switch mechanism, the keys on the Stream 3.0 are attached to the keyboard via ii plastic pieces that interlock similar a twain of scissors. The plastic scissor pieces link the keycap to a plunger that depresses the condom dome amongst a 2mm go distance, which is much shorter than the go distance y'all reveal inwards regular condom dome keyboards (which is about 4mm).
1.80 meters long USB cable
The Cherry Stream 3.0 keys are rated for xx 1 M m commutation operations together with characteristic laser-etched keycaps, important the keycap printing has been done amongst Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation markings which are to a greater extent than durable together with end longer. The keycaps every bit good every bit the entire keyboard are coated amongst anti-scratching material, which is nice.
the Stream 3.0 keyboard feels durable together with it's dainty a 2 yr warranty is included
The ability consumption of the Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard is simply 25 mA, which is surprisingly less electrical current than the Cherry Gentix Silent which draws 100mA. Then again, a keyboard is generally in a low-power idle acre waiting for a commutation to live pressed, dissimilar a mouse whose led lite detector is constantly shining together with detecting effort fifty-fifty when non inwards used.