Dodocool Da150 Hey Res Handbag Bluetooth Speaker

From the practiced quondam days of low-bitrate MP3s to the electrical flow lossless 44.1kHz xvi chip CDs, it's e'er been almost to a greater extent than bits in addition to hertz! Greater chip depth/sample rates cause got been paving the way for high resolution sound for quite some fourth dimension in addition to "high resolution bluetooth audio" is finally making its way to the lower halt of the spectrum.
You no longer cause got to pass hundreds inwards a Bluetooth speaker to larn high resolution sound thank you lot to offerings such every bit the Dodocool DA150 which uses higher sampling rates than those used inwards regular bluetooth speakers.
The Dodocool DA150 delivers real practiced sound via 2 3W full-range speaker drivers which do a frequency hit of 20Hz-45kHz alongside emphasis inwards the high frequencies; thence vocals are detailed in addition to clear. The Dodocool DA150 isn't a bass heavy bluetooth speaker but you lot larn a squeamish amount of natural sounding bass.
While the sound character is real good, it comes alongside a compromise in addition to that is shorter battery life due to to a greater extent than information existence transmitted over bluetooth. The Dodocool DA150 built-in 1200mAh lithium battery tin ability the speaker for exclusively half dozen hours on 75% volume.
Speaking of the rechargeable battery, it takes betwixt 2.5 hours to charge, using a 5V 1A charger, or four hours to accuse when using a 5V 450mA charger.
At -80dBm (Decibel-milliwatts), the Dodocool DA150 bluetooth 4.1 betoken pull is a picayune chip weak for high resolution bluetooth audio, which agency you lot volition involve to house the connected device every bit unopen every bit possible to the Dodocool DA150 (within 10 meters or less)
The Dodocool DA150 does brand upwardly for the relatively curt battery life alongside the add-on of a TF retentiveness carte du jour slot, USB port in addition to 3.5mm aux input port.
Having a TF carte du jour slot in addition to USB port agency you lot tin play music straight from a retentiveness carte du jour (up to 32GB inwards size) or flash pen campaign (up to 32GB inwards size) without wireless. When you lot insert either a retentiveness carte du jour or USB flash drive, the sound files kickoff to play automatically.
The microphone integrated inwards the Dodocool DA150 is superb for hands-free conference calling thank you lot to its high sensitivity (-40 dB±3dB), which agency you lot tin live far from the speaker in addition to your vocalization all the same picked upwardly clearly inwards a tranquillity setting. Keep inwards withdraw heed that in that place is no dissonance cancellation integrated alongside the microphone; thence background dissonance is also picked up.
The Dodocool DA150 speaker measures 18cm long, 12cm broad in addition to 5cm thick, in addition to weighs 620 grams. The outer outside of the speaker (back in addition to front) features a stuff network alongside difficult plastic cut some the circumference of the speaker.
The prophylactic user command buttons are located on the front end on the Dodocool DA150 speaker, simply higher upwardly the built-in led action condition light, in addition to allow you lot command the volume, skipping of tracks in addition to calls.
bluetooth profiles include HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
On the dorsum of the Dodocool DA150 speaker, you lot also uncovering an on/off ability switch in addition to micro USB charging port where the other ports (i.e. USB port, TF card) are located. The port expanse does non characteristic a protective flap; thence the Dodocool DA150 bluetooth speaker is non H2O resistant nor is it dustproof.
The bottom of the Dodocool DA150 handbag speaker features a long soft prophylactic cut that prevents the speaker from sliding off when positioned upright on a apartment surface.
the prophylactic grip handgrip is removable