Easysmx Amount Size Mechanical Keyboard Uk Layout

These days ane tin option upward a quality, good made mechanical keyboard without having to pass besides much!
Take for illustration the EasySMX ET-8176 mechanical keyboard, which is a USB-powered keyboard alongside mechanical switches as well as a measure total size QWERTY Great Britain layout so the £ symbol is located on the divulge three key.
In all, yous drib dead 104 keys alongside vi RGB non-customizable leds (red, blue, orange, green, yellowish as well as purple) that tin endure controlled from the keyboard itself.
You tin plough the leds on as well as off  (Fn+Scroll Lock) as well as command the brightness (Fn+arrow keys), equally good equally conform the speed of the default breathing effect.
Laser engraved keycaps
The keys on the EasySMX mechanical keyboard are also anti ghosting, pregnant yous tin create multiple simultaneous fundamental presses. Anti ghosting keys come upward handy particularly for first-person-shooter gaming where yous ask to run as well as burn downwards a weapon at the same time.
50 meg times strokes fundamental life span
The typing surgical procedure (speed as well as accuracy) of the EasySMX keyboard is skilful thank yous to proper spacing of the keys as well as soft fundamental presses (60+/-15 grams keystroke force). The keystroke go distance is betwixt 4mm as well as -0.2mm as well as then yous don't bring to bottom out inwards companionship to activate the key.
You also drib dead twelve multimedia keys for controlling music as well as lock the keyboard (Fn+F11), equally good equally for launching the reckoner (Fn+12), electronic mail (Fn+F9) and Internet browser (Fn+10). You tin also enable as well as disable game trend past times pressing the Fn push as well as the Windows push at the same time.
the EasySMX keyboard requires no driver installation as well as then it's plug as well as play

rubber feet
adjustment feet
45 cm long x 22 cm broad x four cm pinnacle (thickness) 
weighs 1.3kg
The EasySMX keyboard plant on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows vii as well as Windows 8. It also plant on mac computers though the multimedia keys aren't supported.

The EasySMX gaming keyboard comes alongside a detachable wrist balance alongside snap joints that yous snap into the dorsum of the keyboard. To take the wrist rest, yous bring to purpose a screwdriver to unscrew the snap articulation screws.
keycap removal tool included