Edifier C2v 2.1 Speaker Setup For Desktop Gaming

After a long session of gaming as well as listening to music, wearing headphones tin dismiss instruct rather uncomfortable!
H5N1 must convey if you're a PC lover or someone who gets most of their media content from their desktop PC is a 2.1 speaker good system.
You don't convey to pass hundreds on a expert good organisation for your PC. In fact, yous tin dismiss choice upward a 2.1 speaker setup similar the Edifier C2V quite affordably as well as fulfill all your media content needs (PC gaming, movies, music, etc).
Best affair most the Edifier C2V speaker organisation is that it comes amongst a superb subwoofer which actually helps to amplify the good loud plenty to fill upward the room you're in!
back of subwoofer
The total RMS rated ability of the Edifier C2V 2.1 speaker setup is 36 watts. The C2V subwoofer lone outputs twenty watts piece the satellite speakers output xvi watts; thus 36 watts total ability output which is the maximum output ability the Edifier C2V tin dismiss handle.

aux as well as headphone
You instruct 2 auxiliary (AUX) input jacks, i on the side of the controller unit of measurement as well as the other AUX port on the dorsum of the controller unit.
The AUX ports allow yous to claw inwards a 3.5mm manly individual to manly individual good cable, which is included, to a external good root similar your PC or smartphone. There is too a headphone jack on the side of the controller unit of measurement below the AUX port.
The controller measures 25.5cm high, 22cm deep as well as 7cm broad (thick), as well as weighs 986 grams. The controller unit of measurement features a large argent command knob as well as 3 buttons: FUNC (function), Power as well as INPUT.
maximum book is 50, bass (-9 as well as 9), treble (-6 as well as 6)
The share push of the controller toggles betwixt PC as well as AUX volume, bass as well as treble levels as well as so yous tin dismiss manually suit their levels inwards increments. The INPUT push lets yous choose the AUX input source. On the dorsum of the controller, yous notice a 157cm long ability cable
On/off switch
As far every bit materials, the entire C2V setup has a matt dark complete outside amongst the controller unit of measurement made of plastic piece the satellite speakers as well as subwoofer enclosures are made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) forest which is to a greater extent than durable as well as stronger than plywood.
Both the speakers as well as subwoofer convey glossy black/blue plastic accents, every bit good every bit cloth cloth wrapped or as well as so the speaker grills.
Each satellite speaker has built-in a 0.47-inch tweeter as well as 2 3-inch drivers amongst four ohms impedance (one of the 2 speaker drivers is for the mid-range frequencies).

wall mountain hole
Behind each satellite speaker, you'll notice a hole for mounting the speakers on a wall, every bit good every bit 226cm-long cables amongst coloring coded (red as well as white) RCA phono connectors (also known every bit Cinch connectors) that plug into the dorsum of the controller unit.
The Edifier C2V satellite speakers convey magnetic shielding to preclude ikon distortions which is bully if yous innovation to lay the speakers adjacent to an old-school CRT TV. 
rubber pads on bottom of speakers
The Edifier C2V speakers mensurate 20cm high, 13.5cm deep as well as 9cm broad (thick) as well as weigh 836 grams each.
rubber pads on bottom of subwoofer
As far every bit the C2V subwoofer speaker it has a 200cm long dark phono connecter cable leading out of the dorsum of the unit. There is too a bass reflex port hole to attention amongst bass frequencies.
The subwoofer measures 24.5cm high, 27cm deep as well as 23cm broad (thick) as well as weighs 4.3 kilograms (kg). The built-in driver within the subwoofer is 6.5-inches amongst an impedance rating of four ohms.
Edifier RC20B IR remote command which is powered past times a CR2025 money prison theatre cellphone battery
The Edifier RC20B remote command that is included amongst the Edifier C2V 2.1 Speaker Setup is bully every bit it allows yous to the same affair yous tin dismiss create from the controller unit of measurement but remotely. 
rubber pads on bottom of controller
The Edifier C2V speaker organisation delivers a superb good amongst loud plenty book levels. It's bully that yous tin dismiss manually suit the treble frequencies upward to 20kHz as well as the depression halt frequencies upward to 50Hz.