Eti Point Digital Magnetic Oven Thermometer Amongst Probe & Alarm

With Christmas only some the corner, having an oven thermometer is definitely 1 slice of kitchen equipment y'all don't wishing to overlook!
The concluding affair y'all wishing is undercooking the food, ruining Christmas dinner or a prissy Lord's Day luncheon roast!
From leave-in meat thermometers together with infrared thermometers to instant read thermometers similar the SuperFast Thermapen four thermometer, at that spot is no shortage of digital oven thermometers to select from.
If y'all are looking for a reliable, quick together with slow to exercise meat thermometer that'll beep at y'all when the nutrient reaches a certainly temperature, the ETI DOT meat thermometer is upwards to the job!
With this ETI oven thermometer y'all tin give the sack easily gear upwards the temperature alarm, alter from Celsius (C) to Fahrenheit (F) together with stick it on the oven door thank y'all to rigid magnets on the back.
Not all oven thermometers come upwards amongst a built-in warning beep, which is a rattling underrated characteristic on a thermometer even then hence useful.
The warning inwards the DOT thermometer is pretty loud (70dB) then no worries close non hearing the warning become off. The warning starts beeping when the temperature hits the temperature y'all set.
NTC thermistor probe amongst 2.5 mm jack plug
The ETI DOT comes amongst a DOT penetration probe made specifically for the DOT thermometer which features a reduced tip probe that takes approx v seconds to mensurate temperature. The DOT probe also features a 1.2 metre braided lead. 
The Pb together with probe are made of stainless steel which is rattling slow to construct clean amongst a damp sponge. The DOT probe has a temperature hit from -50°C to 300 °C amongst a Ø3.5 diameter together with 150mm length. 
The thermometer itself weighs solely 97 grams (including the AAA batteries) spell the probe weighs 26 grams. 
5000 hours of battery life
The AAA batteries are included amongst the thermometer together with are R03 UM4 heavy duty long-life batteries.
The ETI DOT thermometer has all the features y'all would wishing from an oven thermometer addition it looks nice. The DOT thermometer housing has a character together with robust experience to it that gives y'all confidence it volition concluding well. The housing is H2O resistant equally good (IP65 protection).
The DOT digital oven thermometer has a perfect 3-inch round out cast amongst a sizable LCD covert that displays both the electrical flow temperature together with the warning temperature. There are a total of 3 buttons.
DOT dorsum stand
Two of the buttons on the DOT thermometer, which are located on the front, are for setting the desired temperature. The 3rd push is located on the dorsum of the unit of measurement together with has 2 functions: to ability the unit of measurement together with to alter the temperature unit of measurement from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
alarm tin give the sack last turned off
To alter from Celsius to Fahrenheit on the ETI DOT thermometer hold downward the dorsum push until y'all come across the missive of the alphabet C alter to F or viceversa.
"no probe" flashes when the probe is non inserted
one year guarantee