Intempo Wds21 Collar Mode Earbuds

From a duad of modest loudspeakers held over the ears past times a band worn on the head, to tiny earphones amongst prophylactic collars such every bit the Intempo WDS21, the development of the headphone is an interesting one!
The Intempo WDS21 are neckband mode earbuds that are worn behind the cervix together with stand upward out from the crowd of headphones past times their magnetic ends that allow you lot attach the earphones to both ends of the neckband.
I create got nonetheless to come upward across whatever other duad of neckband mode earphones amongst this characteristic together with thence kudos to Intempo for injecting novel inventiveness into the already pop behind the cervix earbuds.
And, it's non simply the magnetic ends of the neckband you lot tin attach the earphones to. You tin also attach both ends of the earphones magnetically together together with thence you lot create got a unopen loop simply about your cervix preventing the neckband from falling off your neck.
The Intempo WDS21 are wireless earphones which connect to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth 4.2 connectivity over a arrive at of ten meters long.
aluminum mesh grills
You larn 10mm speaker drivers integrated inwards each earphone housing tuned upward to 96dB sensitivity together with thence you lot larn high book well output, pregnant you lot tin play music louder without cranking upward the book to 100%.
The well character is natural sounding thank you lot to a apartment frequency answer arrive at betwixt 20Hz together with 20kHz which produces clear highs together with balanced bass.
The built-in 3.7V 170mAh Li-Ion battery charges via 5V 1A input taking simply 2 hours to fully accuse together with deliver upward to seven hours of battery life. The led action indicator lights upward corporation reddish piece charging takes house together with turns off automatically when the earphones are fully charged.
User command buttons are located on 1 side of the neckband, piece the micro USB charging port is located on the other side of the Intempo WDS21 neckband. Buttons include 2 book buttons together with a ability push that doubles every bit the pairing together with play/pause button.
The Intempo WDS21 neckband is constructed amongst plastic together with flexible prophylactic for the neckband together with thence you lot tin curvature the neckband
The Intempo WDS21 earphones create got a direct nozzle design and they are made amongst aluminum together with thence they create got some weight to them (total weight is 85 grams).
The prophylactic neckband also features adjustable cable administration clips that you lot tin trace upward together with downward to accommodate the cabling of the earphones.

 The built-in microphone inwards the Intempo WDS21 lets you lot brand together with have telephone calls on the go, which is nice. The character of the microphone is proficient but at that spot isn't dissonance cancellation integration together with thence background dissonance does non larn drown out.
built-in microphone adjacent to the micro USB port
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