Makeblock Airblock 2-In-1 Hexacopter Drone Hovercraft

When it comes to radio controlled toys, i never gets old! While the mbot RobotCodey Rocky and Airblock are made for children, the kid inwards you lot won't live able to resist having a go!
For one, the Makeblock Airblock tin live easily whizzed into activity via your smartphone without requiring a hand-held radio transmitter to operate.
Airblock also has a magnetic modular pattern that uses magnetic connectors to snap together to shape a flying hexacopter drone in addition to hovercraft that you lot tin drive on province in addition to water.
Airblock consists of a pocket-size hexagon command modules that allow you lot create a drone in addition to hovercraft combination that you lot tin remotely command via an app on your phone.
Conbrov spy cam mounted on Airblock
The command module is essentially the brains of Airblock containing a 6-axis gyroscope sensor, ultrasonic sensor in addition to barometer sensor.
While the hovercraft/drone combination is non new, Airblock applies the combination to a greater extent than effectively then you lot genuinely acquire a maneuverable aircraft in addition to hovercraft that won't sink inwards H2O thank you lot to its moulded foam hull.
Thanks to its trunk structure made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is molded unopen jail cellphone foam it makes Airblock lightweight in addition to almost indestructible.
Airblock MC-6A battery measures 6.3cm x 2.6cm x 2.3cm
The propellers in addition to battery trunk are made of polypropylene (PP) thermoplastic. Airblock's lipo battery weighs 41 grams, piece Airblock drone hexagon formation weighs 110 grams. Each hexagon module weighs 12 grams.
The hovercraft hull measures 33.5cm long, 20.8cm wide, 12.6cm high in addition to weighs 195 grams, piece inwards drone mode, Airblock has a diameter of 23.5cm amongst a summit of 5.4cm in addition to total weight of 150 grams.
Airblock tin wing similar a helicopter in addition to similar a bird then it tin rise, fall, hover, motion forward, motion backward, motion left in addition to motion right. 
The Airblock drone tin also perform cool acrobatic maneuvers that you lot tin fifty-fifty customize yourself. The flying speed is adjustable too.
As a hovercraft, Airblock uses a premade foam hovercraft hull in addition to v hexagon rotor modules to generate skirt inflation to elevator in addition to thrust at the same fourth dimension to allow you lot steer, motion forrard in addition to backward, in addition to send out cool maneuvers similar 360 storey turns.
Airblock is powered yesteryear a 7.4V 700mA Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery that tin ability Airblock inwards the air for a proficient 6 minutes, which is the average flying fourth dimension you lot typically move out of a hexacopter drone amongst 6 propellers.
The battery tin live fully charged inwards exactly 45 minutes when using an 5V/ 2Amp USB charger ability adapter (not included). The 5V/ 2A input charging cradle features an led indicator that turns light-green when total accuse is complete.
Because Airblock doesn't require screws to assemble, turning Airblock from drone trend to hovercraft trend takes literary seconds.
And, when Airblock crashes cipher breaks equally Airblock is designed to intermission apart, piece the lightweight foam trunk in addition to propeller guards protect the propeller blades.
Talking nearly the propellers, Airblock uses color coordinated propellers, leds (green/red), prophylactic feet in addition to numbering that helps you lot to chop-chop seat together the drone.
The principal Airblock rotor, which has a cherry prophylactic in addition to cherry led, moves counterclockwise, piece the other rotors motion clockwise in addition to characteristic light-green leds.
You acquire a total of 6 cherry propellers, 6 dark propellers, v dark prophylactic feet in addition to i cherry prophylactic feet.
It's pretty cool that Airblock plant correct out of the box in addition to it's fifty-fifty cooler that Airblock is to a greater extent than than exactly a smartphone controlled drone in addition to hovercraft.
You tin modification Airblock into multiple forms in addition to computer program it, all from the Makeblock App without requiring coding experience.
Airblock uses an intuitive graphical programming surroundings that lets you lot easily execute a sequence of actions.
Airblock tin live made into unlike designs in addition to you lot tin computer program it yesteryear dragging in addition to dropping blocks of code using Scratch-like visual programming linguistic communication to brand Airblock acquit inwards a special way. Scratch programming trend is accessed via the app yesteryear navigating from Play to "Create"
Once you lot select Create, click the Add + ikon in addition to select whatever trend you lot want: Air Mode, Land Mode, Water Mode or Customize. 
Selecting whatever trend takes you lot correct into Design thought where you lot acquire 2 carte options: Move in addition to Custom. Move contains diverse controls, including directional palettes in addition to a ability switch that you lot tin drag in addition to driblet .
Custom carte contains to a greater extent than controls such equally a push in addition to numeric display that you lot tin drag in addition to driblet in addition to rename too.
Once you lot are done designing the command interface, tab Play at the laissez passer on of the concealment (next to Design) to seek how your pattern volition look.
Each of these controls in addition to buttons that you lot drag in addition to driblet into the Design thought tin live programmed individually yesteryear exactly tapping on to them to convey upwards a prompt to select Code, Delete or Edit the refer (small orangish square).
After selecting Code, the app automatically generates 2 programming blocks within a Scratch-like programming surroundings where you lot tin drag in addition to driblet blocks of programming code.  
It's hither where the fun starts equally you lot acquire to tinker in addition to experiment amongst a diverseness of programming blocks that allow you lot computer program Airblock anyway you lot desire to. For instance, the Set Suspension Throttle block lets you lot adjust the amount of ability Airblock uses to motion inwards a for sure direction. The higher the value (i.e. 50,000) the faster Airblock volition move. The restrain for the values is 6 digits.
Another of import programming block is the Wait block which you lot tin add together betwixt actions (i.e. moving forward, backward, etc) if you lot desire Airblock to consummate the activity in addition to hold off a for sure amount of fourth dimension earlier executing the adjacent action. It's worth checking out these Airblock coding examples so you lot tin larn how to build lines of code to create a program.
The Makeblock app is super slowly to role thank you lot to colorful carte screens in addition to clear to understands carte prompts.
Included amongst Makeblock Airblock modular programmable drone kit is also stickers in addition to a detailed, clear to sympathise user manual that helps you lot sympathise everything you lot postulate to know nearly Airblock in addition to what you lot tin exercise amongst it.