Meze 12 Classics Walnut Forest Earphones Aluminum Nozzles, Remote/Mic

Quality workmanship coupled alongside premium high-fidelity well is a well combination! These wooden headphones past times Meze Audio are the 12 Classics earphones which make a deep together with extremely clear sound.
The Meze 12 Classics driver housing is made from existent walnut wood, only similar the Meze 99 Classics, together with gunmetal aluminum, including the nozzle tips which are lead together with wide.
aluminum meshing screens on each earbud
The 8mm drivers built-in to Meze 12 Classics characteristic titanium-coated mylar membranes together with copper-clad aluminium (CCA) vocalization coils which are lighter than pure copper together with stronger than pure aluminum.
walnut woods housing
The 12 Classics wooden earphones come upwards alongside a unmarried remote command push to skip tracks, play/pause music together with answer/reject telephone calls.
While at that spot is no book command functionality, the remote command on the Meze 12 Classics earphones plant alongside whatever device, including Apple together with Android phones. The remote mic plant every bit expert every bit the ane inwards the 11 Neo earphones.
olive coloring cabling
These are too symmetrical earphones together with hence the y-cord cable is designed to live on worn inwards front end of y'all every bit opposed to roughly your cervix similar asymmetrical earphones where ane earbud cable is longer together with hence y'all tin loop it roughly your neck..
While the Meze 12 Classics don't characteristic a longer earbud cable which helps to say the divergence betwixt the left together with correct earphone, y'all make larn an L together with R marker on each earphone.
The microphone remote command is too integrated inwards the correct earphone cable which too helps chop-chop distinguish betwixt left together with correct earphones.
the Meze 12 Classics weigh xc grams
While the Meze 12 Classics are high fidelity earphones, the impedance rating is exclusively sixteen ohms, pregnant at that spot is really niggling resistance preventing high output together with hence y'all won't demand an external headphone amp/dac plugged into your telephone to amplify the volume.
As far every bit the lineament of the well sound, it is rich together with bassy. The Meze 12 Classics convey a frequency response gain betwixt 16Hz together with 24KHz, together with a sensitivity of 101dB (+/- 3db) which is on the higher terminate (most earphones are unremarkably inwards the gain of eighty to 125 dB).
The Meze 12 Classics earphones too make a expert project at cancelling background noise. In fact, they tin attenuate noise, similar earplugs do, upwards to 26dB which is pretty expert for a pair of in-hear headphones.
The Meze 12 Classics 1.2 meter-long braided cabling is too of premium lineament alongside a condom coating on the outside together with 7N high flat OFC (oxygen gratis copper) inner wiring that ends inwards a 3.5mm gold-plated lead jack plug.
Includes four sets of silicone ear-tips together with shirt clip
extra ready of Comply foam ear-tips included

3 years warranty

made inwards Romania