Progress 2-In-1 Rice Cooker Three Tier Steamer Amongst Collapsible Baskets

When cooking chances are you're cooking several things at the same fourth dimension together with then why non brand life easier using an electrical nutrient steamer?
7.5 litre capacity
This nutrient steamer past times Progress Cookshop is a multi-feature steamer that comes amongst a rice bowl together with then the Progress steamer doubles likewise every bit a rice cooker perfect for making low-cal fluffy rice acre steaming veggies together with fish!
total pinnacle of xv inches (18 inches amongst the overstep lid handles pulled up)
60-minute timer
The Progress three-tier steamer is fitted amongst an automatic switch-off to preclude the steamer heating chemical ingredient from boiling dry out when at that topographic point is non plenty H2O inwards the reservoir. 
500ml H2O reservoir
The steamer H2O reservoir tin concur upward to 500ml of H2O which is plenty H2O for steaming nutrient for threescore minutes. Once the boil dry out switch-off characteristic trips you lot demand to unplug the steamer from the mains together with let it to cool downwards for at to the lowest degree xv minutes to untrip it.
Setting upward the Progress steaming tiers is super easy. Add boiling H2O into the steamer base of operations reservoir together with house chopped ingredients inwards each steaming basket.
Ideally, you lot desire to house hardy ingredients similar potatoes or carrots on the bottom steaming handbasket because the steam is hotter the closer to the steamer base.
user controls: timer command dial together with ability indicator light
Softer vegetables similar peppers together with mushrooms are okay inwards the middle steaming basket. The overstep steaming handbasket is groovy for fish together with prawns but you lot may demand to house these inwards the middle steaming handbasket when cooking rice. 
You volition desire to house the rice bowl on the overstep steaming handbasket if you lot don't desire the juices from the other ingredients to seep into the rice bowl.
rice bowl together with lid
Then, it's but a affair of placing the offset steaming handbasket on overstep of the steamer base of operations unit of measurement together with the other 2 steaming baskets on overstep of each other via the included round down mounts.
venting holes at the bottom of each steaming basket
handles on steaming baskets
Building the steamer couldn't endure easier together with you lot don't accept to role all 3 steaming baskets. You tin role but i steaming handbasket amongst the lid on overstep together with you're skillful to go.
Inside the box you lot larn a 3-tier steamer base of operations unit, 3 steam baskets amongst vents together with handles, 2 mounts, a
rice bowl, a lid together with a user manual amongst cooking guidelines.
boil dry out switch-off
Progress products are available from Morrisons stores nationwide from Boxing Day