Retro Pacman Light Amongst 12 In-Game Audio Effects

- May 04, 2018
Indeed a graphic symbol of few words, PacMan's famous "waka waka waka" audio consequence conduct mo nostalgia to those of us erstwhile plenty to remember!
Arcade games similar Pac-Man used to live where my weekly allowance to a greater extent than oft than non went towards inward the early on 1980s, i penny at a time.
Even afterward to a greater extent than than xxx years, the Pac-Man figure remains equally iconic equally its older brother, the smiley aspect upwards which was conceived inward the early on 1960's.
The retro Pac-Man lamp is a fun novelty calorie-free because of the in-game audio effects which y'all transcend 12 master sounds to pick out from including Pac-Man eating ghost sound, ghost turns bluish sound, ghost spurt movement sound, credit sound, Pac-Man eating cookie as well as Pac-Man gameplay sound.
The built-in speaker inward the Pac-Man light is ready to real loud correct out of the box but y'all tin hand the sack adjust the book via the remote control. The speaker delivers clear audio fifty-fifty though it is located on the bottom of the Pac-Man lamp.
On the bottom of the Pac-Man lamp, y'all detect the DC barrel socket as well as 3 safe feet which stabilizes the Pac-Man light as well as preclude it from sliding around.
The Pac-Man light alone weighs 340 grams but has a overnice size to it, criterion xx past times xx (20cm long, 20cm broad as well as 20cm high).

The electricity running costs of the Pac-Man light are negligible equally it alone uses a 2W bulb. To hand y'all an idea, the average calorie-free bulb inward a dwelling menage uses 60W then at 2W the Pac-Man light is real unloose energy efficient.
While alone two watts, the Pac-Man light yet functions equally a useful bedside dark light equally it gives off a warm glow brilliant plenty to detect your agency roughly a room (not brilliant plenty though for bed fourth dimension reading).
You tin hand the sack dim downward the calorie-free to a depression glow or a brilliant calorie-free via the included remote. There are a amount of 4 brightness levels y'all tin hand the sack pick out from.

Talking most the Pac-Man light remote control, it is blueprint amongst a Pac-Man maze subject inward dark as well as white finish.
The remote uses a 2025 money prison theater cellular telephone battery which is included. The 2025 money prison theater cellular telephone battery is thinner than the 2032 money prison theater cellular telephone battery.
As a retro gamer, the Pac-Man light makes a cool gift as well as an awesome collectible detail also peculiarly if you're a big fan of "chiptune" retro audio chip 8-bit music.
The Pacman audio chip light is non USB rechargeable but mains powered then the light is powered via a 5V 1A wall socket ability adapter amongst DC barrel jack which is also included.
The Pac-Man light is kid safe cheers to beingness made of plastic as well as running amongst depression power. You won't accept to worry most drinking glass splatters if it breaks nor children getting burnt because the Pac-Man light does non transcend hot to the affect fifty-fifty afterward running for a few hours.
EU 2-pin plug to DC barrel connector

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