Revonext Rn-Qt3 Quad Driver Earphones

- May 04, 2018
Enclosing iv speaker drivers within an aluminium alloy body, the RevoNext RN-QT3 are non your run-of-a-mill earphones!
The RevoNext RN-QT3 purpose ii balanced armature drivers tuned to deliver specifically the high midrange well too ii dynamic drivers tuned to deliver bass too sub-bass sound.
Quad-drivers tend to endure ability hungry due to their naturally high impedance but this is non the illustration amongst the RevoNext RN-QT3 which accept an impedance rating of fifteen ohms; thus y'all tin drive them to high fidelity from a smartphone.
Saying this, when using to a greater extent than ability via a headphone amplifier dac y'all tin brand the RevoNext RN-QT3 well noticeably better.
You also instruct improve well out of the RevoNext RN-QT3 when playing hard disk well or character CD rips. Wearing proper eartip size for your ear canals is also real of import to instruct the best sense from the RevoNext RN-QT3 quad-drivers.

twisted cable amongst clear condom coating
The RevoNext RN-QT3 represent only similar criterion in-ear headphones amongst the cable looping roughly your ears too the 2-pin connecter facing upwards.
Having the cable loop roughly your ears is a groovy pattern because it prevents accidental pulling. Moving onto the well quality, the RevoNext RN-QT3 well reproduction blows y'all away, mainly because y'all won't endure expecting this type of well from a develop of headphones this size.
The RevoNext RN-QT3 deliver big, powerful well (105dB sensitivity) amongst emphasis on each frequency band betwixt a 7Hz too 40kHz well frequency spectrum, different many in-ear headphones which tin solely reproduce the principal frequency bands (treble, mids too bass). The RN-QT3 treble reproduction is impressive too on par amongst the QT5 dual driver earphones.
With the RevoNext RN-QT3 at that topographic point is clear distinction too ease betwixt a broad attain of frequency bands, including sub-bass, depression midrange too upper midrange; thus y'all instruct a fuller, defined sound.
Vocals too percussion instruments are clear too detailed which is peculiarly noticeable when listening to a vocal y'all accept listened before.
The overall bass is real punchy thank y'all to the sub-bass attain too so the RevoNext RN-QT3 are able to reproduce bass heavy instruments such every bit bass guitar.
The bass is clear without beingness overwhelming which creates a pleasant harmony amongst the other frequency bands.
RevoNext RN-QT3 purpose a different too unique type of connecter method using a 2-pin connector to 3.5mm virile mortal connector cable which fits into a criterion 3.5mm well socket. The 2-pins, which are detachable, mensurate 0.78mm long. The RevoNext RN-QT3 earpieces weigh xiii grams (total weight amongst the cable is 25 grams).
Along amongst the RN-QT3, y'all instruct 3 silicone ear tips, a 3.5mm to 2-pin detachable well cable, a cable management velcro strap too a quick outset user guide.

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