Roku Addition 4K Hdr Streaming Stick Thespian 3810X Model

About the size of a USB stick, the Roku Plus 3810X streaming stick is 1 of the smallest devices you lot tin acquire on the marketplace for streaming 4K video inward HDR (high dynamic range) to your smart TV or game console that tin current from a video-on-demand service such equally Netflix or Hulu. You only plug it into the HDMI port on your TV in addition to you're off in addition to running.
The Roku Streaming Stick Plus features a HDMI connector on 1 halt in addition to a USB port on the dorsum to ability the Roku stick via USB connection.
The USB ability cable that comes alongside the Roku Streaming Stick Plus has built-in a WiFi antenna (model WR001) which supports wireless AC
When compared to an Android TV box side past times side, you lot tin clearly encounter the pocket-size footprint of the Roku stick. Even the smallest Android TV box cannot compete alongside the Roku Streaming stick inward damage of size differential.
Roku Plus is, indeed, pocket-size in addition to piece the Roku stick is express compared to an Android TV box, the Roku Plus stick solves the work of smart TVs alongside built-in apps that either don't piece of work properly or aren't updated past times the TV manufacturer (Roku updates their apps regularly).
The Roku Plus stick weighs alone 23 grams. When connected to the USB ability cable WiFi antenna, the full weight of the Roku Plus stick is exactly 46 grams, which is the weight of a couplet of sports earphones.
micro USB port on Roku Plus stick is located on left side
The Roku Stick Plus is, indeed, really compact. Even a lightweight smartphone similar the Alcatel Idol 4, which weighs 150 grams, weighs to a greater extent than than Roku streaming stick!
The Roku Plus ability cable WiFi antenna is virtually xiv inches long which is long plenty to connect the Roku Plus stick to a USB port on your TV.
USB air conditioning wall adapter
If your TV doesn't bring a USB port you lot tin notwithstanding connect the Roku streaming stick addition via the included 20-inch long USB ability extension cable in addition to USB wall adapter.
The Roku Streaming Stick Plus also includes a remote command powered past times 2 AAA batteries (also included).
The Roku Stick Plus remote features an infrared (IR) led, a ability push in addition to book buttons to command both the ability in addition to the book of your TV, which is thoughtful equally it agency you lot won't live on needing your television's remote control.
The Roku remote also features iv buttons alongside iv video-on-demand services (Netflix, Sling, Hulu in addition to Vue).
roku remote pairing push within the remote (top correct corner)
The Roku remote communicates alongside the Roku Stick Plus via radio frequency in addition to therefore you lot don't ask take away work of sight. If you lot are having issues alongside your Roku remote, you lot volition desire to ability off (wait five seconds) in addition to ability on the Roku stick. Then, reinsert the batteries inward the remote in addition to tally downwards the pairing push within the remote for 3 seconds until the pairing lite inward the remote starts flashing.
While the Roku Plus doesn't bring a headphone jack, it has a characteristic called "private listening" (found on the Roku mobile app) which allows you lot to heed to movies in addition to shows via headphones through your iOS, Windows or Android smartphone.
To enable mortal listening, you lot ask to download the Roku mobile app on your smartphone in addition to connect the Roku mobile app to the Roku Plus (make certain both the Roku mobile app in addition to Roku Plus are connected to the same wireless network).
Once the connexion is successful, you lot tin plug inward your headphones inward your smartphone (you volition encounter a headphone paradigm alongside a greenish point indicating that mortal listening is active). Roku's mobile app also features a virtual keyboard equally good equally the same play/pause, forward/back, instant replay buttons in addition to therefore you lot tin command the Roku Plus without the Roku remote.
From the Roku mobile app you lot tin also mirror content from your smartphone to your TV, equally good equally cast photos, music in addition to videos from your smartphone to your TV display, which is a neat characteristic to bring for sharing fun photos in addition to videos alongside identify unit of measurement in addition to friends.
Another characteristic worth highlighting virtually the Roku Plus streaming stick is Roku Search in addition to Roku phonation search. Roku Search allows you lot to search past times title, musician or managing director using the Roku remote or Roku mobile app.
Roku Search aggregates nicely all the video-on-demand services equally good equally clearly label movies, TV episodes in addition to streaming channels nether gratis or paid content. Roku Search also includes results from “over-the-air” broadcast boob tube when you lot bring an antenna connected to your Roku TV.
two duracell AAA batteries included
Roku's Voice Search is also a overnice characteristic added equally a push on the Roku remote. Roku phonation search plant really much similar using Google phonation assistant on your telephone in addition to therefore you lot tin give away what you lot desire to picket without having to type. It's overnice to larn also that Roku's phonation search tin also live on performed via the Roku mobile app in addition to therefore fifty-fifty if your Roku does non back upward the phonation search characteristic you lot tin notwithstanding move it.
As far equally setting upward the Roku Plus, it is really straightforward. Once the Roku Plus stick is powered in addition to connected to your TV it volition automatically run a detection tool that shows you lot what tin live on played on your TV (i.e. 4K at 60fps, 4k HDR at 30fps, etc) in addition to automatically develop the best resolution trend for watching content (i.e. 1080/24p, 4k/24p, etc). Make certain that the Roku Plus stick is connected to a HDMI port on your TV that supports HDMI 2.0 in addition to HDCP 2.2; otherwise the Roku Plus volition alone run at a maximum 1080p resolution.
As far equally the automatic detection tool, you lot tin override it manually to develop the resolution trend of your choice.
The functioning of the Roku Plus stick is nifty considering its size. No noticeable drib frames fifty-fifty when playing YouTube content at 4k at threescore fps.
The dashboard interface of the Roku Plus stick is slow to navigate in addition to nippy, allowing you lot to alter chop-chop from app to app, equally good equally charge upward apps pretty fast. Roku Plus also supports HDR10 2160p in addition to Dolby ATMOS surroundings audio.