Steadicam Air Xv Gas Powered Monopod Carbon Fibre

- May 05, 2018
They nation patience is a virtue together with that adept things come upward to those who wait, but when it comes to photography yous hold back besides long together with the shot is gone!
Photography is non similar surfing or drinking Guinness together with hence tick doesn't e'er follow tock specially when yous are trying to capture real-time content shooting video, literary, piece moving run together with gun style!
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 skilled lensman is able to capture the best shots nether whatever circumstances together with amongst all kinds of restraints together with conditions.
The fundamental to capturing a 1 time inward a lifetime shot is to live on ready together with what improve means to live on ready than having equipment that tin post away operate instantaneously similar the Steadicam Air fifteen gas-filled jump activated monopod.
So simple, it's genius.
The Steadicam Air fifteen takes the one-legged monopod from backroom overlooked photography equipment to center-stage equipment thank yous to a clever fleck of applied scientific discipline that lets yous operate the monopod hands gratis via a human foot pedal.
The elevation adjustable Steadicam Air fifteen monopod industrial plant via a human foot pedal that activates a gas assisted jump that straight off lifts the base of operations of the Steadicam Air fifteen monopod from 28 inches to a maximum elevation of 62.5 inches. 
The gas jump integrated inward the Steadicam Air fifteen is able to elevator together with back upward your photographic boob tube camera setup when releasing the nutrient pedal lever. The entire lifting functioning moves quietly together with smoothly upward together with down.
grippy foam
You tin post away drib dead on the elevation of the Air fifteen monopod at whatever elevation seat yous wish past times pushing on the human foot pedal lever to brand slight elevation adjustments until yous larn to the desired elevation yous wish to shoot.
The Steadicam Air fifteen monopod is non specific to 1 elevation together with hence yous tin post away adjust, permit larn together with it stays inward that seat which is nice.

Monopods induce got been every bit they are for years together with hence the integration of the gas pedal changes the functionality of the classic monopod for the better, including faster speed of control, easier to occupation together with quicker to setup.
MC4.LA together with Tiffen Collaboration
Sports photographers together with wild animals photographers volition notice the Steadicam Air gas elevator monopod detail useful every bit yous tin post away stand upward depression together with rapidly larn straight upward to shoot standing up.
Another peachy characteristic upward the sleeve of the Steadicam Air fifteen is 360-degree twist lock built-in to the come about handgrip department that lets yous rotate your photographic boob tube camera 360 degrees of a circle without moving the base of operations of the monopod.
There is also a security characteristic built-in to the human foot pedal machinery that prevents the gas-filled jump to live on activated past times accident.
To operate the monopod, yous withdraw to catch together with trace outwards the human foot pedal machinery together with twist it into clockwise locking seat to activate the gas-filled spring.
When yous are done using the Steadicam Air 15, simply grab together with trace outwards the human foot pedal machinery 1 time again together with twist anti-clockwise to lock the human foot pedal mechanism. So simple, it's genius!
While the Steadicam Air fifteen is gas powered, at that spot is 1 department yous induce got to conform manually together with lock into seat via a twist lock. From that indicate on, yous tin post away operate the Steadicam Air monopod hands free.
Steadicam Air 15 is able to elevator together with back upward up to fifteen lbs of photographic boob tube camera gear together with hence the Air fifteen is compatible amongst a broad arrive at of cameras including Sony FS7, Canon C500, Sony F5 together with Sony A5000.
The human foot pedal lever of the Steadicam Air fifteen is rubberized for handgrip together with tin post away live on also adjusted upward together with downwards to gibe dissimilar size feet.
The original cloth used inward the structure of the trunk of the Steadicam Air fifteen is carbon fiber, which is stronger together with stiffer than graphene together with diamonds, all the same super lightweight.
Talking close body, the Steadicam Air fifteen is made of 3 sections amongst 1 twist leg lock that yous heighten manually.
The Steadicam Air fifteen features a reversible 1/4"-20 together with 3/8"-16 screw to attach a ball caput or mountain direct to a camera's 1/4" -20 tripod mount.
The base of operations of the reversible screw plate is made of aluminum together with comes off effortlessly when unscrewing the screw thread.
The Steadicam Air fifteen has an oversized prophylactic human foot for extra stability that measures 3-inches across together with 3 inches tall. The prophylactic human foot is connected to an aluminum ball articulation together with tin post away live on folded inwards for transportation.
adjustable paw strap
Included amongst the Steadicam Air fifteen human foot operated monopod is also a modest allen fundamental together with a peachy go handbag to drib dead on together with shop the Steadicam Air. 
The Steadicam go instance features a padded shoulder strap together with paw handgrip amongst potent together with difficult wearing stitch.
velcro straps to secure the monopod within the bag
inside nix pocket

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