Stm Saga Xv Inch Waterproof Laptop Backpack

For storing too transporting a laptop, a backpack is much to a greater extent than versatile than, say, a shoulder pocketbook too easier on your dorsum too.
With a backpack similar the STM Myth and STM Saga, yous tin sack bear your laptop every bit good every bit other personal stuff spell distributing the charge betwixt both shoulders dissimilar shoulder bags which tend to skid out on narrow shoulders.
padding on backside too shoulder straps
shoulder strap padding is approx. 0.5-inch thick
100% polyester outside amongst 2 coatings of polyurethane
Extra padding on the corners too bottom of the backpack agency the laptop sits dead oculus within the backpack faraway from whatever affect zones.
The STM Saga laptop backpack also features contrary whorl zippers too thus the front end side of the zippers, amongst the slider too pulls, don't demo the teeth thank yous to cloth roofing the teeth which keeps out dirt too wet from getting inwards the backpack.
elastic push clit zippers
The principal stuff of the outside of the STM Saga backpack is 100% polyester amongst 2 coatings of polyurethane, making the Saga backpack waterproof too breathable at the same fourth dimension dissimilar backpacks made amongst PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
external zippered front end pocket
Overflow stash pocket for tardily access to quick catch items
External driblet pocket lets yous driblet stuff inwards it for quick access which comes handy for storing airline/train tickets, pocket alter too other bits too bobs.
webbing loop for carabiner, wheel light, or other accessories
The laptop infinite within the STM Saga is skillful plenty to check whatever device upwards to fifteen inches inwards size. The laptop measurements are 14.8 inches high, 10 inches broad too 1.2 inches deep (37.5cm x 25.5cm x 3cm).

The outer dimensions of the STM Saga 20L laptop backpack are 17.3 inches high, 11.4 inches broad too 5.9 inches deep (44cm x 29cm x fifteen cm).  The STM Saga backpack weighs 1.12 lbs which is one-half a kilogram.
internal zippered meshing pocket
polyethylene foam
padded grip grip