Studio Xix Solo Eq 3D-Effect Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker!

Just wanted to permit yous know nearly an interesting novel speaker amongst dry reason breaking technology, launching today at 4pm (UK time) on Indiegogo, called the Solo EQ Bluetooth speaker, which is designed past times British well blueprint specialists Studio 19.

Solo EQ Highlights

  • 360-degree 3D-effect sound
  • Dual pressure level air compression
  • Advance moving ridge well method (AWSM)  digital audio.
  • Powder-coated stainless steel
  • Speaker drivers amongst a maximum output of upwards to 200 watts
  • Built-in professional person EQ Graphic Equalizer
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, Auxiliary or HDMI modes
  • 8,800mAh built-in battery
  • Type-C charging

Unlike conventional 360° sound, the Solo’s Enhanced 360° Optimized Sound flows non solely left to correct but occur to bottom. This creates an omni-directional spread amongst wide, directional waves that circulate throughout a room, giving the authentic impression of a multi-speaker surround from a unmarried speaker.
The Solo EQ has a built-in professional person EQ Graphic Equalizer, a digital well enhancement non ordinarily institute inwards portable speakers, allowing yous to fine melody your music fifty-fifty further. Add to a greater extent than bass, mid-range or treble to larn just the well yous want.

The Solo EQ uses AWSM (Advanced Wave Sound Method) software, which is a cutting border engineering scientific discipline that uses adaptive tidings to anticipate in addition to response to the dynamic millisecond-to-millisecond changes, details, in addition to harmonics of sound. It industrial plant inwards real-time every bit the Ai Audio recognises the scientific discipline of well in addition to treats digital well inwards a agency that replicates well physics.

With the Solo EQ speaker, yous tin select betwixt Bluetooth, WiFi, Auxiliary or HDMI modes. The Solo is powered past times an 8,800mAh built-in battery that lasts upwards to 8 hours. When it does run out of power, but recharge it amongst a powerbank or connect to the primary ability (via a type-C cable) for faster charging.
Solo EQ Technical Specifications:

  •     Working voltage: 7.4V
  •     Charging voltage: DC 5V 3A
  •     Max Output: 200W
  •     Driver Unit: bass 3Ω, middle 4Ω*2, treble 4Ω*2
  •     Driver Size: bass v inch, middle 2.5 inch, treble 1.5 inch
  •     Frenquency:20Hz 18kHz
  •     S/N: ≥100dB
  •     Distortion: ≤0.5%
  •     Bluetooth Version: 4.2 amongst TWS
  •     Bluetooth distance: 10M
  •     Battery Capacity: 8800 mAh
  •     Size: 143mm x 143mm x 602mm
  •     Weight: 3.2kg