66 Well Revolution Anc Headphones Amongst 65 Feet Bluetooth Range!

If you lot are looking for a pair of prissy looking over-ear racket cancelling headphones alongside long wireless range, banking concern gibe out the 66 Audio!
carry difficult case
The REVOLUTION headphones characteristic a huge Bluetooth 4.1 wireless hit (over 65 feet), every bit good every bit active racket cancellation (ANC) engineering scientific discipline as well as NFC (Near Field Communications) technology.
weigh exclusively 238 grams
You snuff it NFC inward many Android phones (i.e. Alcatel Idol 4) which agency if your telephone has NFC, you lot tin automatically pair via Bluetooth past times precisely placing your telephone on the NFC expanse of the REVOLUTION headphones.
The REVOLUTION headphones characteristic a large Multifunction push that permit you lot to perform several functions. You tin have as well as terminate telephone calls, every bit good every bit spend upwards phones calls as well as redial the final let on past times pressing the Multifunction push inward dissimilar ways.
To spend upwards a call, press as well as concord the Multifunction push for a span of seconds. To redial the final telephone telephone made, apace tap the Multifunction push twice. To mute the microphone during a call, press as well as concord the book push for a span of seconds.
if you lot ain an iOS phone, you lot tin sentiment real-time battery level
When the battery is low, you lot volition run across the LED flashing reddish every bit good every bit hear an audible beep every few seconds.
full accuse takes 2.5 hours alongside a battery life of 12 hours
Charging the REVOLUTION headphones is done via micro USB cable so, you lot connect ane terminate to your desktop estimator or USB wall adapter. While charging the LED volition present enterprise reddish as well as volition plough off when fully charged.
With the REVOLUTION headphones you lot tin remotely command the music playing on your phone, including playing/ pausing tracks as well as volume, every bit good every bit skipping tracks. Best of all, you lot snuff it low-latency transmission (very depression good lag!) as well as CD-quality good (44.1kHz/16-bit audio).
the micro USB port is located nigh the PAIR button
User controls are located on both ear cups of the REVOLUTION headphones as well as include Power Switch, Pair button, Volume Up/Volume Down buttons, ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Switch, as well as NFC area. There is also a large Multifunction button, precisely inward a higher house the 3.5mm good input socket.
If you lot don't stimulate got NFC on your phone, you lot tin also pair the REVOLUTION headphones manually alongside your smartphone. Simply press as well as concord the Pair push for a few seconds until the LED indicator starts to flash both reddish as well as blueish (you volition also hear a an audible pairing tone). In the listing of Bluetooth devices, the headphones volition present upwards every bit "66 REVOLUTION".
3.5mm virile somebody to 3.5mm virile somebody cable as well as micro USB cable
After a successful pairing, the REVOLUTION headphones volition think the final paired device, as well as volition connect automatically later beingness powered down.

The book buttons also double upwards every bit skip rail buttons. To skip tracks, precisely press as well as concord either book push for a span of seconds. As far every bit adjusting volume, ane brusk press volition adjust ane interval. When maximum or minimum book is reached, the REVOLUTION headphones volition beep. To Play as well as Pause music, press the Multifunction push (located on the side of the left ear cup).
As mentioned earlier, active racket cancellation (ANC) is ane of the features you lot snuff it alongside the REVOLUTION headphones. The ANC characteristic does a practiced labor at drowning out background noise, including racket nearby, which is slap-up for business office as well as bird environments.
If you lot haven't owned a pair of active racket cancellation headphones, the best way I tin equate it to is to wearing ear plugs. The infinitesimal you lot plough of the ANC feature, it feels every bit if you've precisely plugged inward a pair of ear plugs. Outside racket gets blocked, allowing you lot to psyche to music fifty-fifty at depression volume.
The engineering scientific discipline behind active racket cancellation (also known every bit racket cancelling) is pretty nifty too. Active racket cancellation industrial plant via a tiny microphone inward the ear loving cup that listens out for background racket piece cancelling the racket past times sending out an opposing electrical noise wave that literary cancels out the incoming noise. Pretty cool stuff, isn't?
66Audio's packaging presentation of the REVOLUTION headphones is also top-notch as well as includes also a detailed user guide: