9 Ways Yous Didn't Know To Automatically Reboot A Router!

- July 30, 2018

Some people nation that walking to the router to reboot it isn't that big of a deal, but what if y'all aren't at dwelling menage or the router is located inward the attic or basement? Others volition say, "just update the firmware" but what if y'all accept an former router amongst obsolete firmware updates? Sure, y'all tin instruct a newer router but what if I similar my former router? Below are ix clever ways to reboot a router together with practise it automatically:

#1 Telnet or SSH access
One of the geekiest means to automatically reboot your router is past times setting upwards a script to run whenever y'all desire to reboot your router anytime. Your router has to accept Telnet or SSH access, inward social club to practise a script to log into the router to educate an automatic script to disable together with enable the WAN connection. You volition also accept to educate an Ipconfig command to renew the DHCP IP address.

#2 Remote Electrical Switch

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 remote electrical switch is essentially a plug socket amongst a remote command handset that allows y'all to ability whatsoever device plugged into it. The remote electrical switch uses Radio Frequency so the remote does non remove to live on pointed at the socket together with tin piece of job through walls.

#3 Web Browser Automation Tool
Selenium is a spider web browser automation tool that plant similarly to using Telnet or SSH access. With Selenium y'all practise 2 kind scripts using your router's spider web admin interface to enable together with disable the WiFi. Then, using Windows scheduler y'all practise a schedule to telephone telephone on those scripts at the times y'all want.

#4 Smartphone Controlled Plug Socket

This solution is much similar the outlet timer together with remote switch, all rolled into i solution. The smartphone controlled plug socket allows y'all to remotely plough on/off together with laid a timer. With your router plugged into this device you'll live on able to laid a fourth dimension when y'all desire your router turned off together with turned on. One slap-up matter of using a Wi-Fi smart socket is that they piece of job every bit wireless repeaters, hence increasing your Wi-Fi signal coverage.

#5 ResetPlug

If an outlet timer isn't adept enough, ResetPlug perchance the solution for you. ResetPlug is essentially a smart outlet timer amongst automatic router resetting together with Wi-Fi monitoring. You plug into the wall, simply similar y'all would an outlet timer, together with and so plug your router's ability adapter onto it. That simple!

#6 WiReboot

Wireboot functions similarly to ResetPlug inward that it consistently monitors your WiFi connection, but instead of a plug, y'all instruct a USB dongle-like device that connects betwixt your router together with router's ability supply. WiReboot volition ability bike the router if at that topographic point is a problem, together with also comes amongst smart add-ons such every bit the 433 transmitter that allows y'all to remotely ability on/off devices.

#7 Wireless Door Bell

By far, my favorite means to automatically reboot a router is the i from Hackaday. This solution is ingenious every bit it uses a wireless doorbell connected to a 555 Timer Relay circuit to deed every bit the transmitter together with receiver. When the circuit receives a signal from the door bell, it activates the relay together with so cutting ability together with effectively resetting the router.

#8 DD-WRT Router

If y'all accept an opened upwards beginning compatible/DD-WRT router, y'all tin flash DD-WRT (Linux-based firmware) together with plough on the automobile reboot inward the admin settings. Once y'all instruct rid of the stock firmware on a router together with install DD-WRT, you'll uncovering that y'all won't fifty-fifty accept to practise every bit many (if any) router reboots.

#9 Manual Reboot

Oh yes, the obvious means to reboot a router though non the almost convenient, together with that is to plough off the router manually. Of course, if y'all don't heed beingness an "auto-bot"... but who actually wants to manually unplug the router every nighttime earlier going to bed together with plug it dorsum inward the morning?

What is your favorite means to automatically reboot your router?

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