Akg K451 Supra Aural Folding Headphones Amongst Pivoting Earcups!

- July 30, 2018
When it comes to headphones, I similar using circum-aural (over ear) headphones at home, together with supra-aural (on ear) or in-ear headphones when I'm on the instruct to endure aware of my surroundings!
With that said, I am reviewing today a distich of K451 on-ear headphones past times AKG, that crease downwards neatly into a squeamish zipped difficult example for storing.
The actual folding machinery of the K451 headphones is called 3D-Axis, important the ear cups pin most 360 degrees together with crease inwards towards the headband.
There is a stainless steel band that runs roughly the locomote past times of the headband together with a soft cushioned pad on the bottom of the headband.
The ear pads accept soft cushioned padding too, piece the adjustable sides of the headband characteristic also a stainless steel band.
With the AKG K451 you lot also instruct ii sets of conduct cables alongside twist-lock jacks on i terminate to lock the jack into the headphone socket. 
One of the 3.5 mm cables is 1.2 meters long together with has built-in a 3-button remote command together with microphone for controlling Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone v (both C & due south models).
With that said, the inline remote together with mic command does appear to piece of job alongside Android phones, at to the lowest degree alongside the ARCHOS 50e Helium.
When plugged into the ARCHOS 50e Helium, I was able to instruct the mic together with play/pause functionality to piece of job (though non the book controls).
The AKG K451 frequency reply goes from 11Hz all the agency upward to 29.5 kHz together with therefore this distich of headphones accept both superb base of operations together with trebles. The clarity of music is really detailed alongside punchy lows (bass) together with balanced mids.

The AKG K451 shut dorsum headphones accept a company build, they're lightweight (only 120 grams) together with accept comfortable ear padding alongside perfect amount of clamping force. The pivoting earcups rotate inwards such a agency that allows the headphones to endure folded upward towards the headband. The frequency reply on these headphones goes downwards to 11Hz together with therefore the good reproduction is really clear. The remote together with mic are supported past times iPod nano (4th generation together with later, iPod classic, iPod impact (2nd generation together with later) iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad together with iPad 2.

Inside the box you lot also instruct a 3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/8" to 1/4") adapter, every bit good every bit a spare jack cable together with fashionable sturdy case.

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