Audiomx Hs-5S Well Production Headphones!

If y'all are a beginner DJ or music producer, y'all volition know how hard beatmatching tin laissez passer on the axe travel when solely using ane mono speaker; therefore having a couple of studio monitor headphones actually assistance every bit non solely it'll travel easier to runway the tempo of ii tracks but y'all too range the stereo plain of well effects.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 couple of well production headphones such every bit the AudioMX HS-5S studio monitoring headphones volition convey y'all sorted for mixing as well as recording tracks thank y'all to the heaphones' 42 mm drivers alongside opened upwards dorsum which deliver clear highs (up to fifteen Hz), energetic mids as well as powerful depression bass (up to xxx kHz).
comfortable as well as adjustable headband
The soft padded over the ear cups on the AudioMX HS-5S well production headphones are real comfortable as well as tin laissez passer on the axe travel rotated for mono monitoring for full general DJing.
sleek branding on overstep of the headband
extra couple of earcups included
protective plug spring
Aside from the corking laid upwards quality, the AudioMX HS-5S well production headphones convey a characteristic non many headphones characteristic as well as that is a protective jump at the plug halt of the cable jack to forbid the halt from twisting as well as breaking.
3-meter long 3.5 mm well cable
AudioMX HS-5S technical specifications
soft padded headband
adjustable headband
If y'all role headphones a lot, y'all volition know how annoying it is having to purchase a novel couple of headphones when the jack-end of the cable breaks.
6.3 mm well connective included