Aukey Solar Panel Usb C 16000Mah Ability Bank!

It's on occasions where yous cannot access a straight might furnish where a high capacity might depository fiscal establishment alongside solar charging capability comes inwards handy to give-up the ghost along devices charged upwards 24/7!
built-in solar panels on top
The Aukey 16000mAh solar might bank is essentially a mobile solar charger unit of measurement that tin likewise locomote charged alongside mains electricity via micro USB.
1 Quick Charge 3.0 Output, 1 Type C Input/Output, 1 Micro USB Input, LEDs & might button
You tin accuse 2 devices at the same fourth dimension together with because it features a measure USB H5N1 (UAB Type A) together with the newer USB C (USB Type C) ports, it agency yous tin accuse a hit of devices, including iPhone together with iPad.
Inside the box yous give-up the ghost a micro USB cable, instructions together with warranty card
Both USB ports deliver iii amps of accuse alongside the measure USB H5N1 port beingness capable of delivering Quick Charge 3.0, which agency the USB H5N1 port tin deliver dynamic voltages betwixt 3.2V together with 20V at 200mV increments; thence allowing for fast charging (around 80% inwards simply thirty minutes)

Another nifty characteristic the USB C port boasts on the might depository fiscal establishment is that aside from charging external devices, yous tin role the USB C port to recharge the might depository fiscal establishment itself, which is pretty neat.
16000mAh rechargeable battery. Solar panel measures 11.6cm x 6.8cm
As far every bit charging the might bank, it takes simply about 12 hours to fully accuse the unit of measurement from empty to full. You likewise give-up the ghost iv LED lights to quest battery charge.
total mensuration 160mm x 75mm x 22mm
The rugged experience of the Aukey USB C solar might bank gives yous confidence that it tin own got a beating because of the robust shell encasing the unit. You tin give-up the ghost 20% Off Aukey products on Amazon yesteryear using promo codes: AUKEYUKTAUKEYUKY and AUKEYUKA