Buckshot Pro Ability Banking Concern Built Into A Speaker Alongside Flashlight!

Outdoor Tech's Buckshot Pro is a ability banking concern built into a 32-feet gain Bluetooth speaker amongst 100 lumen LED flashlight, all inward i minor course of written report constituent rugged unit.
inside the box
The 2600mAh rechargeable ability banking concern is groovy for a quick accuse on the instruct together with gives upwards around 10 hours of accuse life.
measures 5.87 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches
The Outdoor Technology's Buckshot Pro is literary housed within a silicone safe casing that makes the Buckshot Pro stupor resistant together with H2O resistant.
IPX5 H2O resistant standard
You tin accept the Buckshot Pro out on a hike or attach it to your backpack strap or wheel cheers to a safe clip that allows yous to attach the Buckshot Pro to the get got bar of a wheel together with then yous tin role the flashlight to come across where yous are going (while listening to music at the same time, which is pretty cool).
The flashlight on the Buckshot Pro has 3 settings that include torch, beam together with strobe. Torch vogue allows yous to role the Buckshot Pro every 2nd a mini lantern, piece beam vogue together with strobe vogue permit yous to role the Buckshot Pro every 2nd a criterion flashlight.
the flashlight plugs via USB connector together with screws into the Buckshot Pro
Aside from giving yous 10 hours of play fourth dimension on a amount charge, the Buckshot Pro's ability bank tin also accuse your smartphone i fourth dimension over together with ability the flashlight for vi hours, all from i unmarried charge.
control buttons: press together with concur the circle push to ability on/off the unit
speakerphone...the 3 minor holes to the left are the built-in mic together with action LEDs
the caput of the flashlight is rubberized
micro USB port together with USB 3 port
USB cable together with safe clip
weighs 190 grams
Buckshot Pro all-in-one speaker, ability banking concern together with flashlight